Sunday, December 13, 2009

long awaited

I think FB hates me! it does not allow me to upload the pictures without crashing my firefox. Darn it! Haha. But in any case, i am back from Hong Kong and i took quite some time to recover since i had a couple of 'cg' outings i had to attend. (which i had the most fun with) I realised that spending time with them always puts my heart at ease knowing that there are no boundaries of who i need to be. I can be myself and that is all that matters.

in any case, pictures from Kuantan and HK trip. (:

Lovely pictures to scrap about. I cant wait to get started on them. I need to enjoy my last 2 weeks of freedom before going back to teach. Rawr. (:


skyline said...

welcome home!!


wow... lots of scrap worthy pictures to scrap... have fun before goin back to teach ya ya... merry christmas and enjoy enjoy

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