Wednesday, January 13, 2010


All it takes is one class to make or break you. I had a terrible day at work today. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. I think i lost control over one class and it went really bad. I was thinking in my mind 'God, pleasse help!' Perhaps it was the last lesson of the day and the students were just completely restless.

Well, it just took one bad class to make me feel like a complete failure. I must admit i broke down and i was still crying on the way home. The pressure of being a teacher is really tough especially when i have to deal with NA kids who are not interested in going to school in the first case.

In any case, i lost my voice and my voice hurts really badly now. I am probably going to stay at home tomorrow. I just want to chill and destress. I need to sort out everything that is going on now, so that i am prepared of how i am going to address the issue when i see them on Monday.


I am deeply trying to complete my BDAY Lo. (:
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