Saturday, July 27, 2013

Missing in action

I am sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. Life has been crazy and school work has been taking a lot of time. I guess it has been a busy month and it will continue to get worse with shorter school terms and graduating kids. On the scrappy front, I have not being doing much as I simply do not have time but whenever time permits, I will be blogging and scrapping. For now, it is just going to be a quiet Sunday resting and recuperating.

Just one layout I did for CSI #81. Do check out the details here.

By far, one of my most used lines from Crate Paper. I am still in love with this line even after 2 years and with plenty of supplies left, I created this. Got to start whipping out my cameo to create more titles for my page.

For now, have a great Sunday ahead.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's been awhile

since I last blogged. I do hope you take time to visit my blog even though I cant afford to blog much more. Work has been really hectic and it is going to be a lot of worse even as we gear up for the final examination. I am going to do my best to ensure that my graduating students are prepped and ready. Praying for strength, courage, determiation and perserverance.

So I am a little late on this update. For this month's Crate Paper CW, the design team is doing something special. We were each given a a voice in selecting our own inspirational source for the creation of a Creative Weekly "Celebration" project. Each has chosen a favored image to use as a transplant of an idea, whether towards a card, layout or something altogether unique and beautiful. 

Here is my take...

"I found this inspiring photograph on Pinterest. It sparked much thought about my fear of heights. For as far as I could remember, I never liked being within high places and taking cable car rides or roller coaster rides. I used to have nightmares thereafter, fearing for my own life. I guess I just didn't care for the lack of control of what could happen. Things eventually changed and in recent years, I've slowly wanted to do something about my fear of heights. That meant, slowly letting go, embracing difficult situations and celebrating what life 'should' be. Just like the balloons descending into the air, it is my inner yearning, too, wanting to break free.

To document this, I was first inspired to do an ombre color effect as shown in the photograph via painting different shades of blue on white cardstock. Then, I die cut some balloon tickets strips and matted them with patterned paper. The repeated photos on the layout show yet another breakthrough moment - my taking a hot air balloon ride in Korea. I complemented the photos with more celebratory elements like the balloon chipboard and butterfly die cuts. Indeed, this is how life should be celebrated and I'm glad to come thus far."

Long write up but it truly sums up my journey thus far. I am slowly taking steps to overcome my fear of heights so yes, hooray for all the small steps that I have taken!

Have a great Monday! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

It is finally going to be..

FRIDAY! Oh, the week felt like it was never going to get to this day. So happy that the weekends are here and that we have a public holiday to follow on Monday. Yipee, I can finally have some time to scrap again! Cant wait to play with my new goodies that I got at Papermarket last week.

In any case, have you checked out Crate Paper's blog these few days? The design team has showcased all their beautiful layouts from the past CHA collections. This means that the next CHA is coming and I am sure you all cant wait to get your hands on all the new goodies.


Wishing you a great weekend ahead. 

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