Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do I?

There is a certain class that I used to teach at the beginning of this year. This was probably the most challenging class i taught, so much so that I spent more time than ever bonding and differentiating my lessons. It was the class that made me cry and made me drag going to class. But yet, i knew that I have won over most of them since they were more willing to learn and willing to listen.

I dont teach this class this semester. Someone took over so that I could teach another Geog class. This class decided to take matters into their own hands, wrote a petition to the P to get me back to teach them. Even after advising them not to do, they still did it. A small part of it makes me happy knowing that they miss my teaching but a larger part of me feels extremely bad for the teacher who is teaching them now. It is not the correct limelight to be under, knowing that the P now knows about it.

And the truth is .. I dont think their petition will work. They cant possibly change the teacher, given the big mess it will create for timetabling. So their only hope is term 4.

However, i am highly encouraged by their eagerness to learn and that is probably why they took the matter into their own hands, given that no one is hearing their cries.

Tell me what should i do?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sheesh. I am secretly loving CHA summer 2010. It was so hard, to not resist checking out the sneak peeks for each brand. All i can say is I am going to get broke badly. At first, it was just a checklist with 2 of the Dear Lizzy line, then came crate paper Restoration, Prima's Jack and Jill collection and LILY BEE had to come out with the best creation from them yet, Collection Fall! Zzzzz.

Resist, Jeanette! Resist!

Anyway, i must also give myself a pat on the back because i have been using my old products a lot recently! My paper stack has decreased significantly and i finally got to use some of those older products which I have not open up at all. (:

Okay, so first up! A cosmo layout, using all the old papers and bellies. (: i cant belive i have not used the earth love chipboards that i bought when it first came out. I am such a bad hoarder!

I love how the layout turned out! Am loving the bright cheery colours and the clean white space. (:

Up next, a sneak on a self made album.

This is for a friend and it was inspired by Dear Lizzy who made her version using fabric. I did the otherwise and used papers to make the same effect. Love the bindings. (:

School is having E learning day tomorrow so it is a much needed break before Friday comes. I cant wait for the weekends. Till the next update, take care.

Sunday, July 11, 2010



WARNING! Long post ahead....

Onto a topic that is much needed to be shared. (: The first SB store I went to was in Colorado Springs. After much persuasion and approval from the Dad (who was not very happy about me going to MANY SB stores..), we arrived. It was called Simple Pleasures. The size of the store was about the size of our MWL store but it was huge in terms of what they had. I was happily buying my stuff and were so tempted by all the hero arts stamps they had. (: They had a lot of clearance stuff under 5.00 so i bought a few of those 7G stuff from there. The things were rather cheap (def cheaper than Singapore, thats for sure) but found out later that it was more expensive than the other store i visted. Oh ya! I FINALLY GOT MY CROPADILE too! (:

Up next, cheaper SB stuff could be found at WALMART and TARGET! In total, I went to these stores quite often since we needed to get grocery. So whenever they went to buy food, i would drop by the craft session. The pictures above were taken at the first Walmart store we went at Denver. I was so delighted to see the martha steward products and was squealing away. I love WALMART because all their martha steward products were on offer. I got 3 punches in total (US 11 dollars only), a heart punch and a circle cutter. Also, Walmart had a section on ribbons which Was FANTASTIC! I think they are so much nicer than what we have in our local stores. I was happily buying them in rolls at US2 dollars each. (:

Lastly, we went to ARCHIVER, a local LSS in Denver. I love this place the most since it was the biggest store I went. The staff were really friendly also and they were so welcoming to help me get my products. (: I was so happy to find a lot of products that werent in Singapore yet and also products that i resisted buying in Singapore because of the expensive prices. They were so much cheaper than the Simple Pleasures.

Also, I finally got this (below) from the store. As i was paying, I noticed the number of magazines they had behind the stores and asked if they had this. They were so kind to help me find and when they did, my face simply lifted up. (: Yes, she is the current favourite designer of me. I think a lot of it came from liking her Dear Lizzy line. (:

Finally, the loot that went straight into the bags so that I could bring home and start scrapping - things we bought online and things I bought at the stores. (: I have been using them faithfully and I am proud that i have resisted the LSS stores. (:

If there is one thing I learnt, I realised that SB stores in Singapore are over priced. I know its a business and they are just doing what is right, so I dont blame them. i used to think that everything at the LSS was priced reasonably until i went overseas. It made me learnt a valuable lesson of watching even more closely on what I buy. (: So yes, that is what i am learning to use whatever I have right now and resisting every inch to buy the new products. I got to choose what I want and not what is NEW and TRENDY! (: So YES to the next DEAR LIZZY LINE and MAYBE to the rest.

Have a good week ahead.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Part 2 - LA

I am reminded of how fortunate we are in Singapore, for all the small things we take for granted especially when it comes to safety. Having being to LA for 4 days, it was indeed an eyeopener. Streets became unsafe, trains were filthy and dangerous and the people were not at all friendly. My image of LA had always been good - Sun, Glamour and HOLLYWOOD. But the truth is that this only makes up a small part of LA. A lot of the people there are living in poverty and are jobless.

Taking a train ride from our hotel to Long Beach was truly a frightening experience. A couple of times, people were begging for money. One guy even stood in front of us and started blabbering nonsence. For a moment, i thought he was going to take out a gun and shoot us. The streets werent safe at night and sometimes during the day. During our walks down the streets, we had a black guy trailing us for some distance.

It is hard to imagine that the poor people take the trains and buses while the rich people drive around. I can see why now, finally. it is pretty unsafe if you do but it is unfortunate. I take for granted that in singapore, we have the luxury of clean and good transportation modes and that we are secured and protected. For that, i would rather stay here than LA.

But i wont say LA was entirely bad. We got to see some good parts, it was better than nothing. (:

Will be back for part 3. The SB experience in USA with pictures of newly scrapped projects. (:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

USA update

The jetlag is gone. It is really funny but i think coming back to Singapore was so much harder to cope and it took my body some time to get back to normal. For days, i was waking up at 4 am in the morning and could not get back to sleep. Yet, i felt tired the whole day but was not able to do anything.

In any case, the weekends are coming (and its a long one!) and i am here for a short update. Short and simple - the USA trip was awesome!

Denver- I got to go somewhere which i dreamt of going since i was young. The amount of beautiful lanscape and scenary were plentiful and they are still etched in my mind. Perhaps, I have changed. I realised I DO like holiday trips with shopping. Lots of shopping. I guess i am too used to my HK trips. The USA trips had limited shopping time but we could spent hours and hours driving up and down just to see all the famous mountains and geysers. Which i am glad i did, because it is something that is ONCE in a lifetime.

So yes, i made use of all the shopping time i had to spend and spend. Okay that aside, i fairly enjoyed connecting back to God's beautiful creation. We had so much to be thankful for. God provided good weather where it was cold and cool and i love that. We got to see HAIL and SNOW which was awesome and I had obliging hosts who brought me to as many scrapbooking stores they could. What more could i ask for?

Okay maybe one thing to note: I was forced to ride on a suspended tram which brought us up 10000 ft to the mountains. I nearly died.. I was trembling and crying because people who know me know that i have an issue with heights. Oh well, they did reward me with nice cocoa at the top of the mountain and the temperature was like -7 degrees. (:

Enough talking. Let the pictures say its worth.

As you can see, there are a lot of pictures. 3000 over to be exact. I will be back for the Part 2 update on LA. (:
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