Monday, March 28, 2011


In the previous post, i posted a layout using the Crate Paper' Emma shoppe with the exact same sepia picture. I did another layout, using the same photo but this time it's in 4R. I am loving the sepia constrast with the bright colours!

Oh Crate Paper, how i love thee.

I have the most tiring day ever! Mondays pass so quickly only because its my worst day. I am down from 7.45 to 2.15 in classes teaching with only a 45 minutes break in between. The life as a teacher.. I wonder how people like my mother can survive for 43 years in this system. It amazes me ! In any case, Monday Blues are over!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet Beth

At 1 and a half months, she is ...
1) really responsive. If I turn my head to the right or left, her eyes follow suit.
2) is smiling occassionally.
3)is fussy. Likes to be carried and changed clean.
4) cries loudly. I dont think kate was as loud as her.
5) can walk and talk!? This is what Kate says when we ask her about Beth.

The very first LO on my 2nd little niece. Adorable and so cute! I am sure there will be more lovely pictures to take of her in the months to come. Babies change so much overtime. We are going to adore her as much as we love Kate.

I tried something different - used a black marker to underline words from the patterened papers that symbolizes how we feel about her. (: Haha. It looks like a piece of English homework but i do like the idea of underlining adjectives or words, that seems to be like a type of journalling.

Have a great Saturday! Time to let loose and scrap!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

much to share..

Mid week, people! Hang in there, the weekends are coming soon! :D I am coming down with a really bad headache. Work is driving me crazy so I really need to take it easy. So, i needed a 'destress' session and i am here to share what i have done much during the one week break.

First up: I decided to join the Crate paper's March sketch challenge. Here is the link. Since i bought tons of Emma Shope's and Portrait's papers, it was time to use them.

The sketch was this..

and here is my take:

I used papers and bellies from the Emma Shoppe's collection and i am actually loving how sweet the papers are. Maybe a little too sweet for my liking but i love how the sepia photo against the papers match. :D

Next up: An accordian album inspired by his works. I was amazed by how he made the G45 curtain call accordian and decided to do one myself, using Echo Park's for the record. I never thought i would get this line but i came across it in the stores and was completely bought in..

That's all for now..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

march holidays

Yeah, its the march holidays but sadly, it will be ending in a few days time. I have been enjoying myself too much. I have been resting at home, waking up late, going out (a lot!) and scrapping too! i am glad that this much deserved break is here! I have been really busy in terms of scrapping and getting work done for term 2. Jo offered a commissioned work for her colleague's wedding and i have helped make 3 and a half books already. I will post some pictures once i get the books binded. (: It is really fun to do things like these because it keeps your creative juices alive.

Yes, i have also finally used my Jack and Jill papers as well as my Cp's Portrait collection. Guilt set in seeing all the papers lying around but yet i have not touched them. i am crazy about the new lines from crate paper! And i can proudly say that whatever i bought from the Prima's botanical line is gone! Thanks to my constant reminder to use them. But now that i have used the Portrait's collection, i realised how much i love each and every paper. I am going to buy more tomorrow! LOL.

Here to share what i did:

I love trying new alignments. It turned out better than expected. I am so glad i finally used the doilies i bought and they are so versatile. On the left, i folded the dollies into two to make it look like a pocket/envelope while on the right, i use the dollies as a background layer behind the photos. I also love how layering gives an extra 'pop up' effect! I am truly in love with this line..

Here is to a good week. I will be back to share more..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Current favourites

On a roll with the blogging. My heart is indeed at a better place right now. Here to do something that will cheer me up.

At this very moment...

Favourite ink - Tim Holtz's old paper distress ink ( it is amazing how every page turns amazingly vintage)

Favourite tool- Tim Holtz's tonic scizzors ( You feel so 'powerful' when you cut papers)

Favourite rub ons- I would have to say its a tie between Prima's flocked rub ons and 7Gypsies.

Favourite mist colour- Even though i have tons of TA mists, i do have a favourite. It is evident in how much is left in the bottle. Candy Apple Red!

Favourite papers- What did i say? Prima's Botanical Line!

Favourite flowers- Well, even though i busted my budget with the Prima flowers.. the current favourite would be these awesome blue flowers from the album below. Do check out my sister's blog, Joanna.
Favourite glue- Beacon's 3in1 Advanced Clear Glue. Oh Beacon! You are a stroke of genius! I am never using any other brands from now onwards..

And lastly, even though it has nothing to do with scrapbooking but they will always be one of my favourite people in the world...

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