Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mid week

I am loving Wednesdays and it is time for another post since there is no school today. I had the luxury to wake up early, scrap and right now, i am in the midst of marking my papers.

Two things to share:

1) The current craze - HANDMADE FELT FLOWERS! I bought felt recently and i have been crazy making flowers. i finally took the opportunity to use my MS circle cutter. :D

2)I got the chance to sit down and work on using the latest OA papers. Have i told you that OA papers are my greatest weakness? it was probably the first ever brand i loved when i first started. I can never get over the versatitly of their papers and the fun elements they always incooperate in their bellies and papers. A few days ago, i saw this post on their blog and i fell in love with what was done in that layout. I have always been a fan of layers and this layout was plain genius! I tend to do my layouts, focusing on one side of the page but after seeing the post, i realised it can be so much fun to incooperate layers from equal corners of the page.

So this is a scrap lift:

I tried to incooperate the same elements to each corner of the page so that there would be a balance when looking at the page. I am loving the outcome! Notice those white felt flowers? Arent they adorable?


Thats it for now!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

quick post

Off to sleep after this! This was the much awaited holiday needed, even though i did not mark as much as i wanted to. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and i am pretty much looking forward to this short week too. Wednesday is Nomination Day, so the school is closed for one day and we probably need to vacate early on Tuesday too. So happy! Haha.

Just dropping by to share this ...

This would be one of the notebook sold in a Singapore store at Cineleisure. Thanks to Jo for sharing with me the opportunity to create. We just received our money for our commission work for wedding guestbooks. We were elated! I know i was, it is fun seeing how people enjoy them and it was fun on myself, given the libity to do anything i want.

What you think? I am loving the notebook! I couldnt bear to let it go after i was done with it. I am starting to use the zutter more often. I still make mistakes from time to time, but i am getting better with more notebooks done. I didnt have time to take pictures of the other two notebooks since i handed them over already. But this will do..

I will be back to share more good news!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Sunday!

There is so much to look forward to for the coming week since it is going to the long awaited Easter weekend. Even if that means a lot of assignments to mark before the exams in 2 weeks but i would rather do that in the comfort of home! Haha. I havent been blogging much since i have been procrastinating the thought of typing.

I have been scrapping though. A lot! I have been trying to get some notebooks done since they are going to be sold at a store soon. Will let you guys in once things are finalised.


On Saturday, Kate came over to the house and as usual, she loves stamping. She makes me sit on the chair first and she sits on my lap while i take out stamps for her to stamp. Besides that, she loves taking out my pearls and buttons and sticking them on papers. A future scrapper, dont you think?

That's her on the chair while i was sitting on the floor, rearranging my stash. As you can see, my scrap area is messy! it always is, until i finish a project or a LO. Haha. She was quite cute. She insisted on going back on the chair herself and commented 'dont distub, kate is working now.'

Anyway, a LO for this week. I am so glad i bought the AC peachy keen series. I was pretty certain i wouldnt but when i saw them in the stores, i couldnt resist. (:

It is amazing how thickers can be used as a form of embellishments. In this case, i used the letter 'O' to add interest on the border strip.

I will be back shortly with more. (:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventures of Jo and Jean

Here to chase away Monday blues with a picture of this:

Last Saturday, we scouted the land for trinkets! And Lo and Behold, we were proud of what we found! It was indeed giving us a headache, looking through racks and racks of stuff to find trinkets like these. So yes, along with these trinkets came rolls of metal chains, all ready to be wired down into little dangling trinkets next to the future mini albums.

What say you, if we decide to sell them at really affordable prices?

And what really put the smile of my face was drinking KOI's HONEY GREEN TEA with Grassjelly at the end of that 2 hours shopping. I hope your monday has been great. The time is 5.30 pm and i just got home. What a day! Oh What a day! Time to rest up now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scrappy sunday

Update 4/4/2011: I finally had some time today to sort out things that i want to sell. Do check out 'SB stash for sale'. I put up brand new stamps that i want to sell. It is time to part ways with them and i'm sure someone else will benefit from them. (:


Finally, i found some time to scrap today. Actually, this layout below was not scrapped over this weekend but it was done last week. Today, i managed to sit down and add some charms to one of the commissioned wedding book. I have been really lazy and busy to scrap anything much. Right now, the mind is just thinking on how to finish my syllabus in the next 4 weeks since exams are coming! Pressure is on for me now! I got to pray for the much needed energy to survive this coming month! I can do it!

Have you checked out Carton's blog? Their new arrivals are simply the best because their prices are so reasonable! I was so glad when they brought in Webster's Country Estate & Ladies and Gents' lines! Webster outdid themselves this time around! I ended buying more because of their afforable prices by Carton! Do order from them!

I have been wanting to scrap this picture for the longest time! I am so glad i did! You will be amazed by how fast kids grow. I cant believe Kate is so big now and very soon, Beth will learn to talk and walk! I simply cant wait...

Have a great Sunday night!
We need all the rest we can gather for the week ahead. :D
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