Sunday, August 26, 2012

8.5 by 11

Its Week 10 already! I cant believe the last week of Term 3 is finally here. I am really looking forward to having a one week break, catching up on my sleep, scrapbooking and some quality family time. I am going to hang in there since this week would be yet another crazy week.

Here to stop by and share 3 layouts.. Have you ever tried doing a 8.5by11 layout? When i first started scrapbooking, I always thought that layouts should be 12by12. Some scrappers in Singapore have also told me that the 8.5by11 layouts were not a popular concept by Singaporean concepts and thats why the stores do not carry these dimensions' cardstocks. Quite frankly, i love this concept. Why? Whenever I am experiencing with a scrap block, i tend to do these layouts. The area size is obviously smaller and you dont need to crack your creative juices to fill up a page. It seems to be my starting point in getting my layouts done.

If you didnt get what I just said.. its alright. I guess I am just a layout girl. I was never really into making cards or albums but I just love putting a different concept into each layout i do. With albums, i feel the need to be consistent in my pages and sometimes, i struggle to complete an album because of the number of pages. With layouts, it is just easier. It is like starting a new theme/concept each time I do one. It keeps things fresh for me and I see my style shining through.

So here to share some recently completed layouts :

I hope you like what I see. I have been using my old stash up and I am quite happy with the current storage I have on embellishments. I seem to be grabbing more of my old stuff, like the MR alpha chipboards. If you need more inspiration on 8.5by11 layouts, here is to share my current inspiration: Jen Gallacher She is truly a source of inspiration through her life stories and her layouts are done to perfection. I love her style and I love how her layouts are so ever inspiring. Do check her out! :D

Here is to a great week ahead!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meant to be

This is meant to be a happy post, considering what a bad day I had at work. Sometimes, office politics are inevitable and as much as you try to keep a low profile, there will always be some people who will try to make your life difficult. I am praying for favor and that I will glorify all that I do to God, be it my actions or my words. Col 3:23-24 is a great reminder for me at this point.

Okay moving on, I recently did a layout based on the August Challenge at OUAS with a seasonal theme. I decided to focus on the season, summer. Here in Singapore, we have no seasons and all year round, it feels like summer. But over the course of June Hols, I was fully immersed in how people live out their summer days in Canada. We were fortunate enough to spend 10 days in Toronto and boy, do I miss that place.

Summer in Toronto was lovely. This was when you get to see flowers blooming and the bright colours brighten up your day when you first see them in the morning...

 This also means it is a perfect weather to drive down to the Falls to see one of the wonders of the world.
 It is a time for outdoor dining where it makes sense to hang out in the backyard and indulge in good food.
 The food was simply delicious with a mix of grilled meat and grilled vegetables. My stomach grumbles even just by looking at the food.
 Summer calls for more outdoor playtime which means getting dirty and just having fun. (:
 Most importantly, it calls for good family bonding where the family sits around and enjoy each other's company.
 This layout sums up my take on the summer season I got to experience in a country far away from Singapore. My heart yearns to go back even though the jet-lag will kill me. Maybe in a couple of years time, I will make it across the world again. Happy Thursday! (:

Monday, August 13, 2012


It was the long weekend due to our National Day break. We managed to take a short break up to Malacca to enjoy some good food in the midst of good company. It was always amazing to relive the good old days with pals that you grew up since young. We have matured over the years but I am so glad our friendship is still strong.

Our trip was cut short halfway after hearing that Grandma was sent to the hospital. She was not feeling well and they have to call an ambulance to send her to TTSH Hospital. It didnt occur to me on how serious her condition was until we found out that the brain scan showed that she suffered from a stroke and there was a blood clot in her brains. She is too old for surgery so they are trying to sustain her through medication. Please pray alongside for my family as we deal with this. Flashbacks and memories of her started flowing back into my mind these few days and I am going to choose to remember the good parts about her life. (:

Well, on a lighter note.. I promised that I will share some layouts. How about one layout for this blog entry? I have been too busy scrapping but have been too lazy to upload pictures. This layout was done for CSI #32 Challenge. i was really drawn in by the colour inspiration and decided to give it a go.

I love the quote by WIilliam Brake. It went really aptly with the theme of the layout. During the June Hols, we managed to visit the famous CN tower in Toronto. As usual, I was super scared of heights and was apprehensive to do it. Well, the experience was phenomenal and I managed to conquer my fear of heights with some help, of course. There was particular section with glass panels placed on the floor so that people can look down or step on the glass panels to take pictures. I was so scared I thought i might faint. But after some encouragement, I managed to take some pictures while holding my mum and auntie's hands. (: Well, life is about accepting who you are while embracing your fears. I am glad I pulled through. (:

Here is to a great week ahead. (:

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