Sunday, May 27, 2012


I finally found time today to blog about the past two weeks. It has been quite a tiring 2 weeks, considering how I was quite sick. It was a hassle, forcing myself to go to school while nursing a fever, cold and cough. I thought i was recovering and then on Monday ,my throat hurt badly and I fell sick yet again. I remembered going to school on Tuesday and I was literally lying on my desk whenever I could. Well, I was thankful for colleagues who agreed to take over my CCA at the last moment and I went back to concuss for the next 12 hours in bed. I am so glad I am better now...

Well, the holidays are upon us even though I still need to go to school everyday this week. It would be a good time, I hope. I managed to catch up on sleep and started my korean dramas craze yet again. Scrapbooking is taking a back seat for now, since I am saving money for my USA trip. I cant wait for next Tuesday to come.

For now, I am sharing a layout and a card that I did few weeks ago. I am challenging myself to start making cards so I made a little resolution to myself that I would make a card everytime I finished a layout. It is a good way to use up the scraps as well as to challenge myself to go beyond layouts.

I am loving the background stamp from Hero Arts. I embossed it using some Zinc White powder on Kraft cardstock and used it as a background for the layout and card. Isnt it so pretty? I am still loving the Pretty Party line if you can see. This layout is also going to be given to Jo, since she requested. :D

Have a great week ahead.
I will be back with more blog posts this week. :D

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Under the weather

It has been a pretty rough 2 days.. My parents have been quite sick, considering they just got back from China. Mum and sibilings had to go for a thorough check up at Mt A, after one of their siblings had to be admitted to the hospital. I am pretty worried, myself. Considering how this is contagious, I am feeling it as my throat has been hurting badly too and I have been trying to drink a lot of water. But still, the body aches now and i feel feverish. The bottom line is I CANT FALL SICK AT THIS TIME!

Well, I am praying that a good night of sleep, I will wake up in a better condition. I have still have 3 more classes to mark and I am almost done with 1 class. If you are reading this, please pray for my family and I.

Well, lets not make it such a depressing entry. Stopping by to share another layout that I did last weekend.

The cheery photos brighten me up even though I feel horrible. These were some photos taken awhile back during the Dec Holidays when we brought Kate to Pasir Ris Park to play with sand. She loved it! I didnt realised I had these photos until I looked into my camera.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another week

has finally passed by and I am so glad that the exams are here. Less pressure on dear O me to teach and mark at the same time. For now, the focus is on the marking of scripts, which I have been struggling a lot with since I practically mark in front of my scrap table. Too distracted and I want to run away and scrap all the time.

Haha. (: But in any case, I thought i would start my Sunday morning with a quick layout sharing. :D

The idea behind it was very inspired by one of the videos J Mcguire did with Studio Calico. I used her concept on that particular card and transformed it onto a layout, with my own spin obviously. I love the effects of the green mists against the orange patterened paper.

So there you go, you do not need a lot to complete a layout. I hope it inspires you too. Happy scrappy weekend, people! :D

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Tuesday

I have been slacking my life away on this lovely Tuesday. Today is a public holiday and I woke up late, ate my lunch, scrapped, played computer games and is slacking away again. Going to bathe and head out for dinner soon. I wish days could be like these..

Well, here to share a quick layout I did today.. Not so quick actually. Sometimes the simpler layouts take forever to conceptualise. You have a sketch in your head but yet sometimes the easier it is, the harder to put it down onto a layout. Have you ever felt that way? Or maybe it is me, considering how dependant I am on certain colour schemes and embellishments.

Today's layout was all about the journalling. The focus was on the words. I need to do more layouts of these sorts. It is much more meaningful than all the heavy clutter of embellishments.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
The weekends are coming, I promise. (:
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