Saturday, March 30, 2013

I am in love

with my new toy! Haha, its none other than my cameo! I got it on Thursday and when I came back, Jo and I took 1 hour plus to figure out how to cut and align the blade. Talk about being slow.. but i am seriously not a manual person. I should have inserted the cd and followed instructions. In any case, I have been cutting non stop and experimenting on how to make my own.

If you do have the cameo, check out Loni Leah's designs. I want to buy everything from her but with a limited 10 dollars budget, I am trying to resist as much as I can.

So a sneak peek of what I've been cutting... Hee! I made them all on my own. Not too bad, I say! I will get better and hopefully, i can share some tips. For now, this pack goes to Jo, for helping me with the cameo.

How about a layout using my cut outs from the cameo too?

The title, the leaves and the negative words behind the photo were cut using my cameo! I am in love, very much in love. Using products and embellishments from Webster's Composition and Color Collection. This collection stole my heart when I first saw the sneaks and I finally have them.. I cant wait to play more. (:


This reminds me... Life.Paper.Scrapbook's Sketch Challenge #3 is out. Be sure to check out this link for more details and do participate along with us. Also, LPS recently came out with their first online magazine issue and IT IS AMAZING! It is amazing how there are so many talented scrappers in the world. It was amazing, being able to be a part of this issue. You can say its my first publication. (: Do check out the link and be inspired! There are over 100 layouts and projects, ready to inspire you to be creative.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Blues

I am sure everyone feels that once in awhile. It was hard waking up today, after a week of break. I had to drag myself up, got to school and ended up leaving for home at 5 pm. 11 hours! Gosh, I wonder how I ever do survive but hooray to the end of Monday. I cant wait for Thursday to arrive since its the Easter weekend.

Oh ya, I finally purchased this!

 Hello Baby! After much thinking, i decided to finally get into the wagon of silhouette die cutting. I cant wait to play with this over the weekend.


CSI#64 is officially open. Be sure to check out the link here  and join us for another challenge. For this case, I did this...

Just a simple layout, making use of patterns and grids to capture the idea I was going for. I used a 2' circle to punch a circle in the middle of kraft cardstock. I layered some circle stickers to the back, popped some foam dots, added some butterflies, stamps, emebellishments and there you go... Such a fun way to finally use up my patterned papers that I have been keeping...

One more layout to share before I head off... This was done when I found the time to participate in CP's March Creative Weekly.

A little travel log, recording all the good food that I ate in San Francisco last spring. Mixing the collections from Maggie Holmes and DIY Collection. The background was misted and backed up by a piece of vellum. I love how the white stickers make the photos stand out more. Yum Yum! I really miss SF and I cant wait to be back one day...

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

In the spirit of confetti

I am no card maker but from time to time, I do enjoy using up my scrap supplies and creating cards, especially confetti cards. 

Backing them up with a clean transparent sheet or vellum would house a perfect window filled with small bits of goodies.. I am sure you guys remember the tutorial I shared about how to do so.. If you cant, do refer back to this link.

Do try this technique if you havent..
You will definitely see more confetti in my upcoming projects.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Techniques and Tricks #01

The March Hols are upon us and I am feeling so energised and recharged.

Here to share with you a nice technique I love using on my layouts... This technique is called blocking. Some of you might have heard it before while others are unfamiliar. Literally, you sectioned blocks in your layout, decorating them in individual blocks while ensuring that they look like a cohesive piece at the end of the day.

Here is one recent layout that I did...

Sections 1 and 2 (top left hand corner) : 2 blocks individually designed with vellum, tags, embellishments and buttons.
Section 3 (right hand corner) : Title, stamping, flags and buttons
Section 4: Photo with a scallop edge.
Section 5: Journalling and little embellishments.

I absolutely love this technique as it allows me the freedom to scrap in blocks while ensuring them the layout remains cohesive.  A simple way to ensure that it remains cohesive is to ensure that the embellishments and papers you choose match the photos. So in this case, the recurring red, black colours are present OR you can choose neutral colours (white, kraft) that could go well with any bold colours seen in the photo.

Here is another one that I did yesterday...

This time, i grouped my papers according to 2' squares, creating a grid pattern. This blocking technique allows your patterened papers to stand out on its own. You can add interest by stitching each square and I ensured that embellishments were kept to a minimal so that the focus could still be on the papers and the photo.

Lastly, another layout to show the blocking technique..
I have shown this layout before but literally, the blocking idea is the same. Grouping them into irregular sections and allowing each section to be individually assembled allow the layout to look cohesive after all. This time, using products and papers from the Maggie Holmes collection matched perfectly with the colours in the photo.

I hope you feel inspired today to try this technique.
Hopefully, I would find more time to share simple tricks like that.

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, March 15, 2013


I couldnt sleep last night as I was adjusting with the pain where they took out my wisdom tooth. Its been a hard 24 hours, not been able to open my mouth to eat or talk. At least, its over for now. The surgery took longer than expected and due to complications, the tooth broke into 3 and it was excruciating. I have no idea why when they drilled through my tooth or when they tried to take out my tooth, it would hurt. It was bearable pain though. In any case, I am glad the March Hols are here.

It will be a time to recuperate, scrap and get ready for Term 2.

Here sharing with you guys some layouts again!

Firstly, CSI#63 is officially open. For more details, please look at the link here.

I finally got the chance to document something about my creative space. What would that be? My love for washi tapes. If you would have ask me about them a year ago, i would have never come to love them. But somehow, they grew in quantity and I cant help using them for all my projects. This was also a layout that I finally dug into my stash and use up all those goodies from MME. (:

Next up, LPS Colour Challenge #2 is out. Be sure to check out the details here and you will stand a chance to win some awesome goodies.

I love how I focused on documenting my favoutite things about my creative space. This time, it was about my love for mists and what better way to show it then to incooperate mists into this page. I used my favourite mask and using the same technique, i randomly placed patterened papers on the white areas using my 1' circle. I did a pocket and tugged in some elements while letting the photo still be the focal point.

Do join us at both LPS and CSI this week. (:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Needless to say

.. it has been the worst week ever since school has started. It was the onset of a lot of things taking over and for the first time in 3 months, i felt it again. I felt overwhelmed, drained out and completely tired. I hope I never have to feel this way again! I love teaching and as hard as the system is or the kids, I do hope I can survive in this, at least for another year. (:

For now, I am glad its over. Tomorrow marks the day that I have been dragging, since it's surgery day. Lets hope there will be no complications and it will be as painless as ever. I ate to my heart's content for the past 4 days so I guess i will be fine as I go on a soft diet for the next 2 weeks.

One layout to share. I have been so busy with work later that scrapping is taking a back seat for now. I will be back with more, once I get back to sitting down at my scrap desk.

Using products from CP's DIY Collection, Studio Calico and Carta Bella's So Noted Collection. Sometimes, I just love 'filling' up the page. I just love to make use of my patterned papers, to the best I can. I love how the mixed in embellishments between Carta Bella and Crate Paper worked so well. Loving those new dollies that I used that I recently bought at a local store. You will be seeing those more on my future layouts.

For now, Happy Thursday!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Right now

I dont know where to begin but it has been an overwhelming two weeks. It has been good thus far. I would share some exciting good news in the months to come, so look out for it. Meanwhile, I have to perservere for another week before the March Holidays arrive. I simply cant wait...

Do pray for me as I will be undergoing a minor surgery this Friday. I have no choice but to take out my wisdom tooth. One has been taken thus far, so I have to take out the bottom left one this week. Its definitely going to hurt and if you know me, my tolerance for pain is minus 10000. That's why the doctor has adviced that I do one first. Lets hope that there is no complications thereafter.

Okay moving on to sharing more layouts...

CSI#61 opened this week. I am a little late on this post so please check out the link for more details.

This layout was probably the most daring layout I have done. Literally, I took my pen out and starting drawing an irregular circle. That was the basis of my page and after that, it was just a matter of building up the page. Sometimes, I play safe simply because I am afraid of ruining a page BUT i am so glad that I like how this turned out.

Then, Crate Paper has its Love Red Creative Weekly Challenge. I took the chance to participate and I was featured on their blog. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (: 

I tried to incooperate elements of red in each page. I simply love my little vellum frame filled with red and pink confettis. I made a slight boo boo on one of the pages. I forgot to check if my glossy accent heart was dry and it ended up spoiling my XOXO banner. Luckily, I covered it up and it looks as good as new.
 So whatever the case, I am glad i completed an album. It has been way too long since I did an album and I need to do this more often.

Lastly, another layout made using Maggie Holmes Collection. Very simple in style and focusing on the topic K turning 5 and what she means to me. Used a circle stamp to do random stamping around the page. Love love love the new bows from this line too.

That's a wrap.
Have a great Friday !

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Big fan of the pastels

I probably mentioned this quite a few times of my blog. I love pastel colours. There is no doubt that I love working with pale blue, green, yellow and pink. Give me this combination anytime and I feel that whatever I make represents me the most. I guess I just love how the pastel colours are slightly muted, and does not attract the unwanted brightness of bold colours.

These are past layouts that I've done that in its full pastel glory. Everytime I look at them, it puts a smile of my face. I could work these colours for a long time from now...

And also, this layout. Just over the weekend, I posted this layout on 2peas and it was featured. Click on the link here. I was practically screaming at 6 am in the morning when I checked my phone. It was a great way to start my Thursday morning, with a bang! (:

So I am sure everyone works best with different colour combinations. What is more important is that we scrap because we love doing it. Be it from shopping for products, to using your favourite adhesives, to cutting papers, to layering, to finding sastifaction in a completed layout , to see the smiles of your loved ones appreciative of what you've done for you.. I hope...


Happy Saturday! 
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