Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fancy Pants

So a week ago, i mentioned about the challenge my sis and i were doing. Well, she was done with hers and she obviously gave me the heads up because she said 'i won' after looking at mine. But there are no winners when it comes to this. I am just glad i tried using papers that i never though i will use or buy.

So yes, Fancy Pants! In my own terms, i conquered you! (:

Cut the little cards out and decided to do a mini album! Decided to take out my hambly stash and used them as covers and insert pages. I am in love with what i did. I have so much hambly stuff but never got around to use them. I am glad i managed to do so.

All done! Guess what arrived in the mail today?

Thank you Scrapbook Carton! It made my day, just by receiving all these goodies. It is next on my scraplist. (actually, it is almost done! (: )

Thursday, March 18, 2010

On a roll

Was supposed to blog yesterday but i didnt have time and was way too tired. Haha. Well, lyn's bday (sis in law) was coming up and i decided to do a 9x9 frame for her as a gift. Mum has also been 'complaining' on why there isnt any photoframes of kate and her so i did another 9x9 frame of the grandparents and kate.

Presenting Dear Lizzy No 3. I am seriously in love with this line. i have never used a line of any kind so many times. lol.

Then, Lyn's one. I really love what i did for her.I wish i could keep it and i hope she does like it when i give it to her tonight. Doing a gift for anyone is probably the best feeling that one can get. Seeing the glow on their faces as they open up their handmade presents ... priceless! :D

Okay done! I will be back soon with my fancy pants creation! I am almost done and i must say, Fancy pants! I am sure not scared of you! Haha! Even though i wont buy papers from you though. :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's a good day

Hooray! Today was a super scrap productive day. I managed to finish 3 'projects' that i set out to do. Haha. I went over to Jo's house to scrap and i had to scrap alone for 1 hour, thanks to her work. It was so weird scrapping alone for a crop. In any case, she was complaining i was such a slow scrapper. I think i spent 2 hours just doing the pleated flowers. haha.

Okay first up : Dear Lizzy' NO 2.

I really wanted to draw back on the emphasis of journalling. I think sometimes i tend to be more concerned about how the LOs look like, instead of realising the importance of why you are scrapping a particular picture. I was really happy with how the LO turned out. TA's Jazz Blue is really excellant (sprayed it for the clouds) and i needed a Sun so i had to 'youtube' videos on how to make a Sun. Viola! Love my cute cute Sun.

Isnt this something I wont normally do? i realised i am such a structured kind of scrapper but this LO was really doing something different and being adventurous.

Will be posting the 2 'project's up tomorrow. Will need to get some before and after shots first. (:


Anyway, did anyone read Merdrey's and Sharon's blogs? They posted a challenge for each other based on the raks they give. Jo and i thought it will be quite fun to try something like that, to push our creativity beyond our comfort zone. But i guess it turned out to be more of a 'sabo' game. (at least for her!)

Look at what i will give her : Am i nice or what?

I probably wont post the layout on the blog. She is planning to give me Fancy Pants and i cringed when i heard it. Oh well, i must push myself to try something different.

This rak of papers will also be given to her friend who just started scrapping. I am so glad I dont have to throw my papers away. It is going to someone who will use them, hopefully. (:

Oh well, till tomorrow...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

greatest joy

I am finally back from camp! i never knew i could still get bitten by mosquitoes even though the air con was under me. it was hard sleeping with them buzzing in my ears. Well, it got a whole lot better after i sprayed myself with repellant! haha. it was really weird sleeping next to my desk and being alone in the whole staff room! Oh well, it was an experience. :D

Came back and concussed for a 4 hour nap. I am feeling a whole lot better even though i have to go down to school tmr. I am going to enjoy this one week break.

Well, i am done with my latest LO. i am really in love with the latest AC papers. I am officially an AC fan. :D Managed to use the MM 'baby girl' stickers that i bought ages ago and it went so well with the theme. :D I am loving how the word 'baby' is strung across. (:

She is my greatest joy. These pictures were taken during one of the afternoons with her. I am so thankful that i get to see her more often since she stays at my house from Wednesday onwards. I always look forward to come back from school to spend some quality time with her. :D

Have a good weekend people.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I did another Letterbox layout because i simply love AC right now. Haha. OMG! Today was a pretty cool day cuz i got my collegues to go down to MWL to buy scrap stuff. I went crazy over PRIMA flowers and it was the first time our bills combined got to 325 dollars. OMG!

In any case, i love my prima flowers!!!! I can finally scrap tonight since Term 1 is officially over. Hahahaha! I can sense freedom for now, even if it just one week.

Monday, March 1, 2010

my 2010

What kind of scrapper are you?

I know, for sure that i am a slow scrapper. I always admire people who can finish a LO within a short time span. I am not like that. I always find it hard to finish a LO quickly. I take my time to find my embellishments and if i am stuck, i leave it on the desk and i will come back to work on it later.

I love to take my time on what i am doing. Perhaps i am slower when it comes to creative ideas and i am always finding through my stash to see what i have. I seemed to be able to remember what i bought recently but as for those 'long long time ago purchases', i dont remember buying them until i see them again.


In any case, i got my 2010 organiser done today. I have been working on it for the past 2 days. I remembered watching my sis and mum wrap my books using plastic sheets. I bought this plain black MUJI organier this year and i wanted to revamp it. What better way then to use the Prima 'Shabby Chic' papers and using the papers, i wrapped and cut it around the book, just like how they wrapped my books with plastic sheets. I was so amazed that it work. It is just harder, thats all.

Loving the new prima products and i love how TA's dazzling diamonds give the book the extra shine, especially when you shine it under the light. :D


Will be off for level camps this week and next week is the last week before Term 1 ends. I am going to be super busy! I will scrap more during March Holidays. :D
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