Thursday, December 30, 2010

That little dash

A new layout for the recent HK trip. Reminiscing on the memories i had at Disneyland. Truly, in the spirit of Christmas and in the spirit of all things Disney, i simply adore Disneyland. Be it young or old, you will always find that inner child in you to enjoy the Disney Characters, the pretty tea cups, the gingerbreadman houses etc etc. I practically fell in love with the place as we watched Disney unfolded before our eyes. (: Indeed, the very idea of Disneyland brings joy and what a way to celebrate the Christmas season this year at Disneyland. (:

So even though i am fairly concerned about the idea of starting school, the new expectations, the difficult classes, i am trusting that He is able to do immeasurebly more than I can imagine and He will guide me through the new year.

A little something to share to you:

Linda Ellis' The Dash Poem
- The dash is the little line between the dates of one's birth and death.

For the dash represents all the time
that she spends alive on the earth.
And now only those who love her
know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not how much we own
the cars, the house, the cash;
what matters is how we live and love;
and how we spend our dash.


May we live a purposeful life in 2011. Lets value what is intangible and precious to us rather than what is temporarily tangible.

P.S: The 'SB Stash for Sale' has been updated with more goodies for sale. :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and storage ideas

Hello! I wanted to do an earlier post on Christmas day itself but couldnt find the time to do so. Merry Christmas and I hope you'all had a splendid christmas celebration. This year, Christmas was celebrated simple and quietly. Enjoyed the little catch ups with various groups of friends as well as having some good O company with the family. (:

Remember the previous entries with the canvases! Well, i managed to finish a total of 12 canvases and each of them has been painstakingly given to my closest friends. The only regret is not taking pictures of the last two canvases i did, since i was in a rush as usual, not being able to finish them in time. What a pity, since those two were done for guys and i took a lot of time to get the perfect grunge look. Haha

Oh well, for now enjoy these few close ups of the presents all sealed with love with tags.


Another thing that i have been doing has been to rearrange my little craft room. Haha. Recently, i have been inspired by this blog: which shows you people's craft rooms and storage ideas so i thought i made use of some storage that i had to rearrange my crafts.

These 4 black compartments come from IKEA and i used to use them to store my unwanted stash but now has been converted to storing my punches, my bigger stamps and my little secret stash of Tim Holtz goodies. I love how i can visibly see my punches just by storing them this way.

This was recommended by my colleague and i recently bought this to store my little embellishments that i used to contain in a box. It was such a genius idea as i can now put all my embellisments out for me to look through instead of rummaging through my box.

Last but not least, i am sure this storage idea isnt new to people. i just used my 1" circle punch to label each Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist. I like how i can visbily see them clearer and the colours are so pretty. Oh! And dont be shocked by how much mists i have. This is my GREATEST weakness! Haha.

Enjoy the NEW YEAR celebration this weekend. :D School is sadly starting but i will enjoy these last few days in peace and happiness. (:

Monday, December 20, 2010

back to basics

As i was surfing the net yesterday, i came across this scrapper that really inspired me. Looking at her work made me realised that you dont need much to make a beautiful layout. Often time, scrappers rush to buy new products or products that appeal to us, just because we want them or need them. I am not saying that buying these products arent good, i am guilty as such but seeing her work made me realised that simple is good and the basics of scrapbooking can be as easy as just using papers, mediums and scizzors.

I was so amazed by how she could repeatedly used back the same stamps in her layouts but yet the layouts were beautiful and original. Often time, my biggest worry is using products all over again, fearing that my layouts would be boring. I feel the constant need to use the new products bought. But shouldnt the purpose of buying something you like be the reason why you use them over and over again? (:

So i took some time off my christmas gifts and I tried going back to what i used to love:

Using the basics of just misting, stamping and lots of alphas. No flowers, no trims, no crystals. Just using the products i used to love: my MS butterfly punches, my alphas and my stamps and simply depicting the story of Enjoying the sunrise and experiencing the amazing sunset in the USA'10.

Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

pretty ribbons make me smile (:

Good morning, everyone! I have finally recovered from the Hong Kong trip and right now, i have energy to take some time to blog. 16 days in HK was awesome and i seriously miss the place already. People say that you only need 5 days in HK but quite frankly, i feel that time is never enough in HK. There is always so much to do and explore. I love this city that never sleeps. (: I will be posting some of the HK trip pictures once i have time to upload.

For now, another canvas to share. I have been busy trying to finish up all the canvases for Christmas presents. I have 7 more to go. Haha. (:

This time, in Key Lime Pie Glimmer Mist. You can see that i am trying to use all my mists that is stored in my stash. Haha.

Oh and Did you see this cute sliver ribbon? As i was in Hk, i managed to find a whole row of stalls selling ribbons like these. I was so happy that i was crazily buying different colours. These ribbons really come in handy and it does provide the added touch to your embellisments. (:

And since i went crazy, I do have some remainders that i would put up on my SB stash for sale. Do check them out. (: Oh and i have uploaded more stuff onto my Stash for sale. Thanks for the support once again. (:

Do PM me if you want to find out where to get these ribbons from HK. :D Have a great Wednesday! I am enjoying my fruitful holidays for now. :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

At this moment

.. Things to be thankful for:

1) Parents

for a safe journey back from Hong Kong. for the incredible bonding time we had and realising that my parents arent getting any younger. Thankful for the opportunities to love them.

2) my awesome CG

who has never failed to bring me joy for 24 years of my life. for been my rock and my strength in every aspect. for never fearing to be who i want to be and for the future that holds us.

3) Dennis and Sara

once part of the cg, always part of the cg. For a brother whom i knew since i was born. Seeing him finding his soulmate warms my heart, knowing that he is in good hands. The first to get married among us. (:


And before i end, one more canvas to share. Yet another group of friends whom i treasure. Loving the colour (spring violet) against the bronze ribbons and sweet details. (: Loving the embossed look as usual.

Happy Holidays! I am back from Hong Kong! :D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Canvas 2

This is for L. I am in love with this canvas. It was sprayed with perfect peach mist and i used white embossing powder to emboss the background. I love that prima stamp so much. (: Love love the little details and i realised i miss having flowers on my canvas or background.

I realised that i do love TA mists a hell lot more than MR mists. It is sad because i hardly use them even though i have a few bottles of them. So i have decided to put some for sale, if you are interested. Not new but still in good working condition. I wished i could keep them but at the rate i am buying TA mists, there is just no room for maya road mists. Do take a look. (:

Here is a sneak for the next canvas:

Edit: I will not have time to update tonight so have a good 3 weeks, people! I will miss everyone but Hong Kong loves me and needs me! (: For those who are emailing me to buy stuff, pls be patient. I will attend back to you when i come back! For those who indicated, i will hold on to your purchases and send over when i am back. So sorry for the delay. Thanks :D

Thursday, November 25, 2010

live, breathe scrap

I have been doing absolutely nothing but scrapping! Yes, i love you holidays! Though work is at the back of my mind, i am leaving it to saturday where i am going to use that 6 hours in school to complete some work. (:

For now, i have been scrapping a lot. A LOT! I am trying to finish as much as i set out to do before i leave for 16 days to HK. Yes, i am leaving this Sunday. I cant believe i waited so long for it to happen. (: For now, i am happily creating while sending out mails to the post office to people who ordered my stash. Once again, thank you! I am living the life that i wanted to have since i started work. I should enjoy and savour every moment before school arrives.

I simply love waking up to days where i can do anything i want and enjoy life!

So here is what i have been doing. I have been working with lots and lots of canvas because i am going to give them to each of my friend on Christmas. So here is the review of the first canvas:

This is for P. After working on this first, i realised that it was a little too cluttered. But still loving the flowers and embossing on the canvas itself. Oh! And using glimmer mists to 'cover' the canvas is 10 times more efficient than painting. You get a nicer effect and it saves a hell lot of time. (: I love you, mists!

Till tomorrow's review...

Have a good Friday ahead. TGIF!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giveaway Winner (s)

So sorry for the late post. i was out till late last night. I went to watch a late night movie with my good pal, S. I cant believe i sat through 2 and a half hours of Harry Potter, considering that I did not watch the previous movie.

Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. Some of you were too kind to not want to take part in this giveaway. I am a believer of giving since i know it will benefit those who will used them so dont have to be shy the next time. Haha Okay, presenting to you the winner of the giveaway...


Since I had extra stuff left in my giveaway box, i thought i will prepare a smaller RAK to another winner....


Irene and Lyndis, please email me at with your mailing addresses so that I can send your giveways to you. (:

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My fear(s)

What is your greatest fear? For the longest time, i have been very scared of heights. I can still vividly remember walking on an overhead bridge when i was young. I used to be so scared of doing so, fearing that the bridge will collapse. Ever since then, no matter where I go, even if it is in a lift that is clear and transparent, i fear for my life. Haha. Weird right? But i just cant seem to overcome it and the heart beat just gets faster and faster.

But the funny thing is that I am not that afraid of taking rollercoaster rides because I know that I will eventually come down and it will end within a few minutes but what really scares me is being perpectually up there. Such is an incident that took place in the recent trip to USA. I think i shared here before that I was forced to take the cable car up to Mount Teton which was 12000 ft above ground. Dad had to literally bribe me with hot chocolate but even then, i was not convinced myself. I think I did it for the sake of not disappointing the rest.

So i scrapped about it:

That's me, holding Dad's hand. Mum even said she was not scared but look at her!Haha. Not once did I let go of Dad's hands and not once did i look up to see the view. Haha. P.S: If you see the close up, you will realise i drew cable car line on the city landscape stamp. (: And the new craze is bakerz twines. :D

24 years and it is still like that. Haha. I wished there was some ways to overcome it but it just daunts upon me that it might never happen. But i guess I am happy this way. Right now, I am just thinking of how to escape not taking the cable car to Lantau Island when I leave for HK this week.

So what is your greatest fear?

I will be drawing a winner tonight, for the giveaway. Thanks for all your support. (: By the way, both stashes on the top bar has been updated. I uploaded more stuff that I want to sell. Do take a look. Thanks. :D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a cute girl, a layout and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Kate is growing up so fast, it amazes me by how her personality has evolved. She is still that gentle well mannered girl but she has her days when she throws her fits. I guess it is hard for her to express herself since she cant really say what she wants. We are learning to deal with them and teach her patiently as we go along. By the way, she is my niece, not my daughter. Isnt she cute with her little doggie?

I managed to do a layout over the weekend but have slackened since then. Hopefully, i will have the energy to do finish up my christmas projects tonight and tomorrow. I do like this layout a lot. Who says that OA Seaside has to be done with pictures at the beach? I like how my title shows the fun side of what the CG means to us. (:

Oh and finally, as promised... A giveaway! A huge thanks to all those who purchased items from my blog. My heartfelt thanks to you guys! (: As for this giveaway, these were items that were once so dear to me and as you can see, some have been used but not all. They are not complete sets but what are left are brand new. A brand new AC album while the rest are a mixture of Webster, MM, Pink Paislee, Sassafras Lass etc.

To win this giveaway, simply leave a comment and I will choose a winner on 23rd Nov, 10 pm.

Have a great Tuesday! (:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rainy Monday

It was a beautiful night yesterday, sleeping while it rained and i nearly couldnt wake up this morning. I am back on my scrapping mojo. Remember i had plans to scrap on my USA trip pictures but somehow, i only managed to complete 2 LOs and i just lost the motivation to continue. So i figured that making an album would be more feasible. I took some of the pictures i developed and made the album.

I am so happy to how it turned out. I was contemplating on whether i should use my precious PP anthology papers as i simply adore the resist patterns on them. But anyhow, I am glad i used it. Explored how to bring out the resist patterns most. (:

Presenting my blue and white album!

I used all my favourite blue mists in this album: Jack Frost, Jazz Blue, Patina, Turquoise, Autumn Night. The page with the words "Snow" was using thickers mask to eccentuate the words.On the last page, the one with the cable car lines.. THe background was using my $2.50 blue ink to distress the resist. I love how it turns out.

A current favourite element that i love to add in albums are hamblys overlays. I just love the mix of transparency with papers. (:

There you go, the USA trip album is completed. Now i can start doing my HK Sept trip. Haha. (: Thanks for dropping by. Look out for the next post: It will be a ........Giveaway!

Friday, November 5, 2010

destashing mode

Edit 6/11/2010: Look at the Tab above! Presenting SB stuff at crazy deals. (: Do check it out and see whether you are interested. Thank you. (:

The scrap table was in such a terrible mess that i got so irritated by how i was going to clean it up. With perseverance, I managed to clear all the unwanted mess. Managed to sort out what i did not want and put it into this white Ikea box. What I am going to do is to sell some of my items as well as do another giveaway. Most of the stuff are brand new so please support. It is going to be a huge giveaway. I am sure it will benefit those that will use it. (:

So watch this space. I will be back to post pictures as well as to show you the latest album i finished. I am back! (:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Hello!

Hello all! It has been a long time since i last posted. Wow, school is ending this week. Do i hear all the teachers going HIP HIP HOORAY? I have been so tired recently but i am glad i survived the horrors of exams marking. On the SB side, I have not touched my scrapbooking desk for a long time. 4 weeks of shopping goodies are still waiting for me to unpack. I did however, made an exception and quickly did a scrapbooking frame for Marianne's bday. I am also going to make quick tags for my classes which i taught this year. I will see how it goes. I might just give up since i am only left with 1 more day!

So yes, i am back! Hopefully, i will be itching to start scrapping again. I got far too many new goodies that i want to start on but somehow, the bed always seems more appealing. Haha.

And this one is for you:

Happy 2, Kate! I love you very much. You simply make my day for just being you. I find joy and i see life in its simplest form when you are around. You do make everything beautiful and your smile simply lights up the whole world. Thank you for being you and I thank God that i have the privillege to love you.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

for now

, it is a one month break I am giving myself. Though i love scrapping but it isnt the right time now since exams are coming up and I am like super busy at work. I will be back. It doesnt stop the shopping but when i am less tired, hopefully in october.. I can get down to scrapping again!

Till then, wherever you are.. scrap hard and live well. :D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and the winner is ...

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 8 Result: 2

JUSTINA!!!! (:

Please email me at and I will be mailing out to you the giveaway. Congrats. (:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Monday!

Mondays are never good days because it just means the week has begun. However, this week is different. We get Tuesday and Wednesday off from work due to Teacher's day. I am in a holiday mood now. (: Just finished marking one class of test papers and still have 3 more stacks to go.

I have much to share:

Starting with a card made for a colleague. Used the Jack and Jill's papers which i absolutely love. Need to start using them more.

Then, I did this for 2 challenges I am taking part in. MWL's Scrap Date #4 and AC's Dear lizzy challenge.

Enchanted - Charming Colin 35623
Enchanted - Noble James 35263
Enchanted - Fasionable Peony 35266
Enchanted- Wonderful Alice Paper 35247
Thickers : Dear Lizzy + Enchanted Fantastic

I am in love with Dear Lizzy. You should know that by now. It is probably the reason why i love AC more than everything right now. No other brands suit my style more than AC. Love how the lines are so clean and simple. (:

Off to do some cards. :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

These days

have been tiring and unproductive. Lets just say this week has been fun but draining. There is this particular class that drives me nuts sometimes. I took them at the beginning of the year but because of practicum, another teacher took over. I only took them back in semester 3. It is hard to build back rapport again and i find myself getting angry so easily because they are so distracted and unwilling to learn. It makes me drag going into class even though i know there are some who wants to learn and improve. 4 more weeks, i say. I want to hate myself less because i am changing into someone that i dont like.

I am at my wits end.

But in any case, thanks for the few who put your names in the giveaway. There is still one more week to go before i select a winner. Dont forget!

I have been very slow in scrapping even though i have two piles of new CHA stuff. I did manage to get a bday card done within 10 mins last night and I am showing you a bday present I gave to one of my friends.

I did another french board for lynn's bday. It was amazing how i already wanted to do one for her when she requested a collage board for her bday 2 weeks after i started making hers. I guess she got more than a collage board. It was really nice to see her stunned reaction. I am loving the board, better than mine! Haha. (:

Will be back shortly to post about the card.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Firstly, I won Scrap Dare #3! Thanks Pooi for organizing and thanks to SC for choosing me as the winner. It is always exciting to win something and it did give me enough motivation to go to work today, knowing that i have a RAK waiting for me. :DDDD

Speaking of RAK, i am going to make one very lucky person happy! I am doing my first ever giveaway in the light of starting this blog almost a year ago. I am so excited to show you what will be in this giveaway.

- A mixed of my favourite papers and 1 hambly transparency. This includes a ColorBok tree branch embellisment, gold thickers bought from USA and K&Co paper flowers. :D

See this? This would also be included in the giveaway. One MM pink paint (brand new), some Melissa Frances ribbons and do you notice a ribbon with pearls on them? It cant be found in Spore since i bought them at Walmart in USA! It is my favourite ribbon thus far and it will given free too. (: Oh! One more thing : Notice those fabric flowers there. I am personally giving them away, handmade by me. :D

Are you interested now? To win this giveaway, simply leave a comment and I will choose a winner on 31st August 2010, 10 pm. Spread the word, people! I am so excited to give this to one lucky winner. :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

loving the weekends

I just wish sometimes that the weekends could be that much longer! I had so much desire to scrap over the weekend that time really passed by so fast. Oh well, i finished whatever i set out to do. Kate fell terribly sick this weekend and she is still in the hospital, down with high fever. They have still yet to detect what is causing it but may need to take blood test soon. Do pray for her. We have been down at the hospital on sat night and the whole of today.. Lets hope she gets better. (: I will need to go down and see her tomorrow after work.

Anyway, this was what happened last week.

An impromtu class for my two good friends who stayed over my house. They had so much fun making their albums and learning how to embellish. (: I think they were equally as excited as I was. It was so fun watching that going crazy over papers and embellishments. (:

This was my version of the album i made for J.

That's all for now. I have an exciting news to share. I am planning to give a giveaway to one lucky person. Would anyone be interested?
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