Sunday, June 27, 2010

last day of freedom (for now)

School starts tomorrow, yet again. Wow. Where have all the time gone to? Seriously, when you are having fun..time passes equally fast. To a new term, i am praying that everything will be fine and stay fine. 2nd semester is always the fastest so i am excited about that. (:

My jetlag is better also, slowly recovering. Just wanted to share what i have been doing. Before i left for USA, i made a couple of canvases for my friends. (:

This was also a big hit yesterday. (:

I was half worried that no one would patronise the stall, but boy was i wrong. It was the most popular among all the stalls at the church carnival. it was non stop work for Jo and me, from 4 to 9. But they had fun. I love how they commented how papers, flowers and buttons were pretty. Or comments on how 'they always wanted to try scrapbooking but never knew how to start..'

To next year, lets keep things a bit more simple and make it less tiring for ourselves. Got to thank Jo for the aimless preparation work done before the carnival.

Till the next update,
have a good week ahead.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello, from the Land of the Free (or should i say Scrap Heaven!)


USA is really an awesome country. It has been 12 days since i blogged and look at how time has flown by. I am so sad that i will be heading home in two days time. I am waiting at Denver Aiport right now, since the flight got delayed and i have like so much time to spare. (: Scrapbooking here is FREAKING MASSIVE! i think i spent around 400 bucks already. Its time to stop buying. I was just so happy that i started buying and buying. So far, i have managed to shop in 2 massive SB stores and everytime i stopped at Walmart, i will run to the craft section and get stuff. (: Walmart is like our Singapore's Spotlight. It has all the great deals (MARTHA STEWARD PUNCHES) and cheap ribbons. (:

I cant wait to get back and start scrapping with all my goodies! Jo and Lyn will be heading over on Wed, hopefully and i can LELONG my stuff to them since i bought them quite a lot of stuff. I am generous so i hope they will pay me back so money! Haha. (:

I managed to get my auntie and my mum to get a SB kit to scrap about the USA trip. They were having fun buying stuff and it reminded me of how i first started. it is a good hobby to cultivate, we just need to watch the pockets.

Sending all my love from Denver.
I will be back soon. (:

Monday, June 7, 2010

On the way

At the SIA business class lounge now. I only had 4 hours of sleep last night but I am hopeful that I will get some rest on board the plane. It is time to dominate the movies and watch to my heart's content. After all, it is going to be a long 18 hours on board the plane.

Pretty worried about handling the jet lag but i am sure I will get used to it. At most, I will just be a walking zombie for just awhile. (:

Take good care. I will be back in 15 days from now.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2 more days

2 more days before I fly off to USA for 15 days. I have yet to pack my luggage yet since i have so much going on right now. It has been a full 5 days at school and with the cadets. I am tired but i managed to catch up on the scrapping and the gaming element. (: I am enjoying myself at this very moment.

Okay updates: I made a mini book for the USA trip where i intend to bring along so that i can journal and slot in poloroid pictures as I snap away in USA. This was inspired by Hero Arts video that i watched a couple of weeks ago. I love the Tim Holtz stamps as well as the tags that I put into the book to remind me of the goodness of the trip.

Love the techniques of spritzing mists on the kraft stock. Love love the effect. I did the same for the LO i made too.

I didnt even know i had cosmo's material girl papers until I was destashing last Sat. It was a mad day. I spent 3 hours of the day, repacking the papers and putting aside things I didnt want anymore. Ended up giving Lyn a lot of papers and embelliments. It seems easier to find my stuff now.

Oh! This is what I bought recently! Anyone guess where I got this? This is so amazing! Storage compartments vary a lot in the shop but they are really expensive. Hake anyway! I like how it matches the table. (:

I love how it stores the mist bottles! The best thing is that the storage stacks up if you buy more. Oops! Okay will do one more update before Tuesday, with pictures on other stuff I did for some of the friends' bdays. (:
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