Monday, April 26, 2010


i must be at one with my markings! Need to finish all the markings before the exams pile comes in. I got to finish it even though i am so easily distrated. Did i tell you how much i hate to mark essays? You got to hand it to the kids - bad grammer is a NONO for any teacher. The endless 'correcting' of essays just need to stop.

Did i tell you the worst? I got assigned to mark 160 essay scripts. All the best to me. Haha.

I am looking forward to some scrap time this week, hopefully. Want to finish my album filled with all the dear lizzy products. (: I know i am still hooked. I put aside all the rest of my new OA papers for later. (:

As promise :

Have a good weekend.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lovely Saturday

Though the head is spinning a bit, i am so glad i am at home, marking and scrapping. (: I do want to catch up on some alone time with myself. Probably want to head down to raffles city. (:


Guess which brand? It is pretty obvious, isnt it! i am so glad she is coming up with another line for the upcoming CHA. I simply cant wait! this is by far the best line ever. I am still amazed that i have 5 layouts done with the same line. (:

What can i say? I am a Dear Lizzy fan!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yeah, I have been sick for the past 2 days! Stupid fever wont go down, took the medicine of a lighter dosage but still got allergic to it. My eyes were so puffy and i could not see much, as usual. Had to go down and get a jab to bring down the inflammation of the eyes and lungs.

But i got bored. Real bored. I couldnt possibly lie in bed the whole day. My body was aching from all that lying. Did manage to finish a LO and decided to try lots of misting. Mist mist mist! I love my mist! I love my TA bottles. I want to buy more. (:

Haha. MWL came out with the TA's matting mat today and it was just so exciting! but i couldnt go down and get it! Hopefully, it will still be around this weekend.

Anyway, heres' the layout! I am trying to use up all the pictures that has been developed. Using up all my papers and embellishments. No more hoarding!

7.48 pm.
I am going to sleep.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday is over!

Hello all! I am so glad monday is over! The weekend was so short as I had NPCC the whole day on Saturday! I was so tired after that. I am glad that their exams are coming but it is also means that i need to catch up on my marking even though i am procrastinating now.

I have been making lots of paper flowers yesterday and i am so hooked onto it. I can finally see the purpose in buying an MM tweezers. They are so good for making paper flowers. Okay, so i decided to join Leena's challenge but i am not sure whether my background actually counts for BIG and BOLD!

In any case, I am really happy at how it came out! Love love the thift shop papers. I realised that OA is my greatest weakness since i have four stacks of OA papers left. zzzz, i am seriously going to try to use them all and stop hoarding.

Have a good week ahead.
Friday will come soon! :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where did the weekends go?

Its Sunday again! Cant believe how fast the weekend ends and I am so not looking forward to Mondays! Mondays end fast only because it is my heaviest day of the week. I hate rushing in between from one class to another. There isnt really anytime to take a breather!

In any case, I managed to go to the lss on thursday and saturday and I spent a whole lot! I am pretty much into mists and inks right now. It is this stupid craze that i am going through. I bought 3 more TA mists thinking that i would have some space to put them when i went back and guess what? NO MORE SPACE! Darn it. Okay, after some rearrangements, i managed to put them in a nice place. Guess how many mist bottles i have? 16!!!! Holy moly! i bet some of ur have more than that. *guilty guilty.

Anyway, enough talking! i pretty much did some projects related to TA mists. I will slowly post them on the blog. For now, i managed to complete a LO this weekend, using the new pink paislee papers and some new mists i bought (tiger lily and tattered leather)

I distressed a whole lot in this LO - wanted to bring out the edges more clearly and misted the mists on both sides. Love how the orange mists stand out. (: If you look carefully, you know who are in the picture! This is probably a secret that only a few know! I have been like their greatest fan when i was still schooling! Even though i am not as crazy as before, they are still by far my favourites! I make it a point to go for their concerts whenever they come back. (:

Wanted to document this wonderful memory when they were here in Feb'10.

Can you guess who they are?

Till then, have a good week ahead. (:

Monday, April 5, 2010

because i can

relate to what G wrote in her entry. I guess sometimes you start doing a LO and you are liking how it turns out but eventually, after you are done -you feel that something is still missing but you do not know to make it better. sometimes that feels like a waste of the time and efforts put in.But i guess thats life and it shouldnt be the expectations put into a LO but it should be more about what is the story of today or what do i want to remember out of it.

First 2 Los were done over the past 2 weeks. I have been so slow to scrap as i keep getting stucked. Not very pleased with them but loving how i spent time journalling and remember the memories.(:

Then came Pooi's challenge.Been wanting to do it after seeing her inspiring LO and i am so glad i took it up. It feels like i am back to my comfort zone and everything just fell into place. Thanks Pooi for the awesome challenge.(:

Got to thank Leena for the awesome flowers from Thailand. You got to admit, it is as good as prima even though it is not acid free. Then, there is a need to thank Piradee for the brown strings she gave yesterday. Free! I nearly bought them from JillyBean at 7.50. Got to get Jo to get more for me from Thailand.


Went for Piradee's class with Jo yesterday. It was so awesome! I think i am so used to the pace at Lia's class that i was so ahead of everyone in terms of cutting and aligning. Haha. Oops, sorry for the pressure! I just hate falling behind. I am so glad i went because i really learnt how to distress properly and learnt a really cool technique of making my papers vintage looking. Will do up the journalling and post it up soon.

How's your monday coming along? Have a good week ahead. Friday will come soon. (:
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