Monday, May 27, 2013

Flu Bug

I caught the flu bug and am now nursing at home with a stuffed nose and a high fever. What a way to start off the last week of school. Nonetheless, I am glad to be resting at home and getting lots of fluids and fruits. I will make this post short and sweet.

Yet another piece of good news to share:

If you have been subscribing to Studio Calico, you will realise that I was featured as a member for the month of May. I was so uber excited when Nicole Harper contacted me and in the post, I shared some layouts and answered some questions. Be sure to check out the studio calico blog right HERE.

Up next, I managed to complete another layout using the Pier Collection. I cant stop using the papers and products and I literally printed a number of photos to ensure it matches with the Pier Collection. So do not mind me as I continue to use photos that seem rather familiar.

Sold seperately in the collection pack are these lovely ombre kraft background papers and they are simply gorgeous. I know it's a little overwhelming since the textures and prints are so different but you can sure brighten them up with some brighter and more neutral patterns as seen in the layout above. I love how the colours like blue and green shone through and the colours helped to create an extra 'pop' to the layout.

I have scrapped this photo for the 2nd time. I am truly missing San Francisco and the photo really makes me miss the food that we devoured when we were there. You might be wondering why there is a bicycle element in the page. It is not a random element but simply because where we purchased these food items was also a popular hot spot for cyclists as they cycled around the piers.

Can you also spot a household item that I used in this layout? If you havent noticed, I used a toothpick. It was a random finding as I was trying to use it to take out some dried glue from my bottle and I happened to like how it fit into the layout, so I used it.

That's all.
I will be back with a post soon, sharing my techniques on misting soon.
Do look forward to it.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today is Life

Recently, I came across this quote while watching a CSI episode. It really dawned upon me about what life should be able and how i should live it.

"Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today.Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto. " - Dale Carnegie

Life is truly short. As cliche as this might sound, every moment counts. Every single moment, be it good or bad is part of life and it is something we must treasure. I made this album awhile ago, recording the everyday moments of K and B. I also found some time to journal my thoughts down.

Now lets get to the technical scrapbooking process. Firstly, the cover was done using an overlay found in Crate Paper's DIY Collection. I mounted some papers, die cuts and embellishments and placed my title. I chose a rather bold background paper knowing that the overlay will help to tone down the overall effect.

Here are the insides of the album. My strategy was to use up my fabric frames and overlays and I am excited as to how it turned out.


 I like consistency in my albums.  This means keeping certain elements similar to help make the overall album cohesive. It will help to choose elements from the same collection so as to ensure that they will match with the papers. These few pages above were done using the same technique. Mount the photos behind the frames, layer some phrase stickers and chipboards and end off with journaling strips.

In some of these pages, I went beyond just placing photos behind frames or overlays. Like what you can see from the two photos above, I did a confetti pocket, and added elements both inside and outside of the frames for added fun interest. It also gave me the liberty to journal more, without the constraint of photos.

I hope this inspires you to make your own version. It could be an album, a layout or even be part of your PL spread. Document what matters to you most and take the time to savour the moments you share with your loved ones. Make it count.

Happy Saturday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oh Monday!

My middle name should be called Klutz Lee. I tripped over the steps, hit my leg against the table and fell over my computer wire in two days. And guess what? It is at the same spot. The abrasion and bruise on that leg were enough for me to feel uncomfortable today. I shall need to wear jeans for the rest of the week, to cover this ugly hurting scar.

In any case, how's Monday? I am left with the last part of my exam marking and I am hoping to clear all of these plus tons of other stuff at work tomorrow. Wish me luck, in checking off the ticks on my checklist.

Well, first up.. Another good news to share. I was featured HERE. Iris Babao Uy, one of my favourite scrapper contacted me awhile back, wanting to feature my crate paper layouts on AussieScrap. And of course, I agreed and was so excited about it. Do check it out and you will see lots of other crate projects ready to inspire you.

Next, Crate Paper's May Creative Weekly is out today! Woohoo, I am happy that this month's theme is all about...

Because "The Pier" is the first beach worthy, backyard-fun collection that Crate has ever crafted, this week's Creative Weekly is all about warm, sunny days spent at our favorite "splash" destinations with family, friends, neighbors and food filled coolers while soaking in the sun's rays and relaxing the day away! 

Here in Singapore, even though its summer all year around, we hardly find the time to go to the beach. But every once in awhile, especially during the school break.. we will made the trip down to ECP. K and B love playing with the sand and building sandcastles and over the March Hols, I managed to capture some lovely shots of them. 

I created a ripple effect using my stamps, splattered different shades of blue mists and place random gold sequins on the page to represent that perfect Sunny day we had at the beach. I used The Pier's chipboard elements, accents from the ephemera pack and built layers around the photos.

I personally feel it's important to make sense of embellishments I choose to place on my layouts. One such example is the "Your Number 23" tag that you see on the top right hand corner. I knew I wanted to use it, but the number served as a distraction since it had nothing to do with the photo or story. So, I added a plus sign in between 2 and 3, creating some interest while complementing it with the title 'You are 5'.

Be sure to join in this May Creative Weekly Challenge. I cant wait to see what each and everyone comes up with. (:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Joy

That's right. It is finally Saturday and boy am I happy that I can finally take a breather from the mad hectic exam marking. I have finished my first lot of marking thus, it is going to be a short 2 days break before my next lot comes on Monday. Hopefully, I would not lose momentum and be able to finish it soon.

I am heading over to Korea this June and I am so excited! The problem is that both my friend and I are completely clueless over where to go and how to get around. I have been busy doing research and printing out instructions and maps. Lets hope that we wont get too lost and that people would be able to understand basic English.

Okay, moving on! Two layouts to share.. I have been busy using up all my CP products for some assignments due next month as well as upcoming projects. So excited to share some with you today.. First up, a random layout that I did a couple of months ago, using what was left of my On Trend Collection papers and products.

I love how little needs to be used for a layout. I am beginning to love using my scraps up. With the remaining papers and mostly drawing inspiration from these 3 by 4 cards, I placed them across the page. The placement of the pink mist was kind of unexpected. An accident splattering of the mist let to this pattern that you see here. Pink was truly the colour that I wanted to emphasize too.

Next up, CSI #72 is finally out. By far, one of my most favourite colour scheme yet. I knew I had to do it and here are the details that you can check out.

I wanted to do another layout about myself.  I couldnt find a better shot so I had to use this silly shot that I captured of myself and K. I knew i wanted to use the numbers stickers found in the Party Day Collection. They really inspired me to do a circular layout based on circular elements, papers and a diecut that I cut using my Cameo. I love how it turned out and I was able to do some journaling for myself. 
It reads 
" Everything happens for a reason, Find the purpose, Strike a balance and everything will be alright."

So there you go..
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CSI #71 and TwoPeas Feature

The parents are away and this time, it is a good long 1 and a half weeks. Having the house to yourself is great but you do feel that sense of loneliness when it comes to night time. Haha. I cant believe I am saying this but it does feels lonely at times. In any case, it is exam week and I am busy marking hence, I do have some form of distractions. (:

Firstly, some good news to share..