Tuesday, August 31, 2010

and the winner is ...

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 8 Result: 2

JUSTINA!!!! (:

Please email me at and I will be mailing out to you the giveaway. Congrats. (:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Monday!

Mondays are never good days because it just means the week has begun. However, this week is different. We get Tuesday and Wednesday off from work due to Teacher's day. I am in a holiday mood now. (: Just finished marking one class of test papers and still have 3 more stacks to go.

I have much to share:

Starting with a card made for a colleague. Used the Jack and Jill's papers which i absolutely love. Need to start using them more.

Then, I did this for 2 challenges I am taking part in. MWL's Scrap Date #4 and AC's Dear lizzy challenge.

Enchanted - Charming Colin 35623
Enchanted - Noble James 35263
Enchanted - Fasionable Peony 35266
Enchanted- Wonderful Alice Paper 35247
Thickers : Dear Lizzy + Enchanted Fantastic

I am in love with Dear Lizzy. You should know that by now. It is probably the reason why i love AC more than everything right now. No other brands suit my style more than AC. Love how the lines are so clean and simple. (:

Off to do some cards. :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

These days

have been tiring and unproductive. Lets just say this week has been fun but draining. There is this particular class that drives me nuts sometimes. I took them at the beginning of the year but because of practicum, another teacher took over. I only took them back in semester 3. It is hard to build back rapport again and i find myself getting angry so easily because they are so distracted and unwilling to learn. It makes me drag going into class even though i know there are some who wants to learn and improve. 4 more weeks, i say. I want to hate myself less because i am changing into someone that i dont like.

I am at my wits end.

But in any case, thanks for the few who put your names in the giveaway. There is still one more week to go before i select a winner. Dont forget!

I have been very slow in scrapping even though i have two piles of new CHA stuff. I did manage to get a bday card done within 10 mins last night and I am showing you a bday present I gave to one of my friends.

I did another french board for lynn's bday. It was amazing how i already wanted to do one for her when she requested a collage board for her bday 2 weeks after i started making hers. I guess she got more than a collage board. It was really nice to see her stunned reaction. I am loving the board, better than mine! Haha. (:

Will be back shortly to post about the card.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Firstly, I won Scrap Dare #3! Thanks Pooi for organizing and thanks to SC for choosing me as the winner. It is always exciting to win something and it did give me enough motivation to go to work today, knowing that i have a RAK waiting for me. :DDDD

Speaking of RAK, i am going to make one very lucky person happy! I am doing my first ever giveaway in the light of starting this blog almost a year ago. I am so excited to show you what will be in this giveaway.

- A mixed of my favourite papers and 1 hambly transparency. This includes a ColorBok tree branch embellisment, gold thickers bought from USA and K&Co paper flowers. :D

See this? This would also be included in the giveaway. One MM pink paint (brand new), some Melissa Frances ribbons and do you notice a ribbon with pearls on them? It cant be found in Spore since i bought them at Walmart in USA! It is my favourite ribbon thus far and it will given free too. (: Oh! One more thing : Notice those fabric flowers there. I am personally giving them away, handmade by me. :D

Are you interested now? To win this giveaway, simply leave a comment and I will choose a winner on 31st August 2010, 10 pm. Spread the word, people! I am so excited to give this to one lucky winner. :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

loving the weekends

I just wish sometimes that the weekends could be that much longer! I had so much desire to scrap over the weekend that time really passed by so fast. Oh well, i finished whatever i set out to do. Kate fell terribly sick this weekend and she is still in the hospital, down with high fever. They have still yet to detect what is causing it but may need to take blood test soon. Do pray for her. We have been down at the hospital on sat night and the whole of today.. Lets hope she gets better. (: I will need to go down and see her tomorrow after work.

Anyway, this was what happened last week.

An impromtu class for my two good friends who stayed over my house. They had so much fun making their albums and learning how to embellish. (: I think they were equally as excited as I was. It was so fun watching that going crazy over papers and embellishments. (:

This was my version of the album i made for J.

That's all for now. I have an exciting news to share. I am planning to give a giveaway to one lucky person. Would anyone be interested?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Where did the National Day Holiday gone to? I have absolutely no idea. I was having way too much fun and time passed by so quickly. I had time for a scrap crop on Sat, followed by a wedding to attend and a bday party. I was so exhausted but had time to enjoy myself.

I will just keep this post short by posting a layout I did recenly on my USA trip. I am really quite slow so bear with me as I try to complete all the LOs i want to do for the USA trip.

I miss waking up to this every morning at Auntie Lisa' house. The smell of fresh flowers, the vibrant and cheery garden that overlooks from the patio. It was the smell of summer and it marked the beginning of summer. (:

Will be back with another round of exciting stuff to share.

Monday, August 2, 2010

3 more days

to the long weekend! I cant wait! I realised that sleeping too much is not good! I feel so sleepy still and i cant barely find the energy to last the day. Here is one to share for this week. I took 3 days to complete this french memo board since you know i am such a slow scrapper. But i am glad to see it turn out the way i wanted to. Firstly, i got to use up my flowers! and it was fun trying something different from the usual layouts. I would want to do another for a friend's upcoming bday but this time, i want to choose a lighter background for the board. I wanted cream actually but they ran out of the colour and the rest were so expensive. Zzzzz.

I will be back soon to share on layouts done for the recent USA trip. I got my photos developed already and just started on one layout. Almost done, I hope. For now, it is time to go back to marking papers. :/
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