Wednesday, November 18, 2009

much more

Warning! This is going to be a rather long post! Really cold day today, dont you think? Managed to finish the album and i am so proud of myself because of the amount of effort put in. Okay, so as i said before. I used the farm fresh papers and decided to do the album based on the Old Macdonald's Song. I am sure everyone should know it.

The purpose was to create a song book based on that song because kate is at this age right now, who simply loves reading books. She is such a bookworm. She likes to pester us to read her books and she can sit down for ages looking at the pictures and flipping the books. She is also extremely brilliant in pointing out the different animals in books. So this was purely inspired by Kate's Books to create a similar song book for her.

Did i mention, that she absolutely loves taking out 'hidden pages' from the story books to see what is inside? So that was what i tried to do. Using the 7 gypsies cards and overlaying it with farm fresh papers, added a brad so that it would be easier for her to pull out the hidden page. Inside consists of the 2nd part of the song. So as you can see, i stamped every single letter to the song and i nearly died. But i got to admit that it was a rather enjoyable process.

I just love that i did something educational with Scrapbooking.


Managed to sit down and clear my scrap desk. it is always in a mess. Bought more storage facilities and packed them all nicely. I am going to get a new scraptable soon with drawers. I am so excited. My table is practically bending. It must be from all the weight. HAHA. (: Some pictures:

Basket for Thickers and Unaltered albums
Holy Moly! Look at how much pearls i have. This is an absolutely YES YES!
Ribbons section: I like to keep this section messy. Seems easier to find stuff.
Embellishments section: Sorted out all by size.
Punches, Adhesives, extra replenishment. (:

Overall room : Its so much tidier now. :D


One more thing before i end. Did i tell you how much i love the TPC brads? I was so thankful when i saw it on the shelf yesterday. I tried to find high and low for them but the store said it was sold out. I was so shocked to see it on the shelf yesterday. Yipee. :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

an update

I have been in and out doing my last essay for my course. Can you imagine this will be the last essay i will ever write in my whole educational course? Okay, thanks to YW for pointing out to me that the comments box was not working. It is all fixed. (: I am so happy that there are actually people who reads my blog. It makes my day.

The ABC story book album is almost done. I should be able to finish it by tomorrow. Will be the posting the pictures soon. off to laines later. :D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

sneakies and something to share

First up, i am finally going to use the farm fresh papers from OA. I thought long and hard of what to do and i finally know what i am embarking on. I am so excited. Still got a long way to go...

Will share about the idea when it is done. Thank you 'STORIES BOOKS' from Kate's that gave me the inspiration. (:


Jo and i did a good deed yesterday. We had fun scrapping at our LSS since it was 4 for 40 for any products and boy, did i go crazy buying stuff. Then we headed to the other LSS and had cheesy prawns. OMG! Please try them if you have not. Okay back to the point, some dude was having trouble buying a 'SCRAP' present for his gf. He wanted to buy a shadow box and papers so that we can mat 12 pictures down in one LO. So there we were, helping him out..

I guess, we have seen countless of guys walking in the shop being completely clueless about what to do and what to buy. I mean, it is overwhelming to walk firstly in a shop filled with girls and also be stunned by the number and variety of products the LSS has. We have seen countless of times of clueless guys being ask to buy lots of 'products' when all they are actually aiming for is one LO! You dont really need that many products for one LO. So as practical as it sound, we told him what were the bare necessity he needed to buy and that was it.

The guy probably only spent 10 bucks on papers & thickers and 30plus on a frame : To me, that is wonderful. Against all odds, we are not trying to steal the limelight off the LSS staff but i guess in a way, we are also trying to be practical. I wish i had the same amount of advice when i first took up scrapbooking. I was just as clueless as all the first timers walking into the shop and what happened? I ended up buying lots of stuff not because i knew how to use them, but simply because i thought they were pretty. So in a way: Yes, we did a good deed for some dude who will probably only do this once in his whole life. (:

Hope this post is of no offense to anyone. We just wanted to share our knowledge of SB on people who arent sure of how to start off. It was fun experience, nonetheless. I will do so for all my friends who want to do some one off LOs for gifts' ideas. (:

Off to scrap again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

christmas box

Just wanted to share the christmas box done during papermarket's class. What i love about this class was that we were allowed to create our own box using the supplies we had. There were no fix regulations to follow the sample since everyone's materials were different.

So i can say that the idea was not mine (box) but creating the box was up to my originality. Sharing one picture from my Iphone. Love the Polaroids effects. :D

Today Merdrey introduced german glitter and i was like OMGOMGOMGOMG! Okay, so i am off to get my own share tomorrow since i got great discounts. Absolutely love the effect of german glitter.

On a side note: It was really weird seeing my students at a scrap store and then letting them see me going for a scrapbooking class. ZZZZ.

Friday, November 6, 2009


I mean, after reading P's blog : i have come to realise that i struggle with alot of those scrapbooking issues she mentioned. I guess it is human characteristics that desires to seek for acknowledgment and encouragement which impedes true reasons on why you scrap. You fail to see that everyone is subjected to their own views and in a scrapping world, it really boils down to whether you like the LOs or not. Everything is subjective.

So why bother then?

I mean, i am still grappling with issues like these truthfully. There is no point denying that i am one that does not care or get affected. I do. I guess I need to learn how to think outside of these issues. Why bother when the most important thing is that you're happy? I know i am happy when i scrap, i know i am when i'm at the shops, i know i am when i buy stuff that i love, i know i am when i relook at all the LOs that are recording memories from the past.. These are more tangible things that stay.

Okay enough about that emo talk.


Took a really long time to complete this LO. Put circles in the background and then glimmer mist it with brown mist. Love love the effect. Took time to piece the crystals on the PRIMA paper as well as adding stickles on the words. I always love putting interesting corners because i am so into those. Love that the journaling was done as a tag. I think the best part that made me happy was the OA birds rub ons.

Till then, have a good weekend. (:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

full review

Journal - You are one smart girl. You love picking up the phone when it rings, put it in your ears and not say anything. The funny thing is that your dad cant call home because you are hoarding it.


I love that the journal-ing were separated on 2 journal cards. (: Scrapping is so tiring but it is fun! I love to see how each LO comes to life. Now that school is almost over, i got more time to scrap. By next week, i will be a free person to scrap! Did i tell you that Laine & MWL are having great promotions this Nov? I am so excited. I am already eyeing the TA and MR mists. (:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

paint attempt

So i did not go to school today! Doc gave another 1 day MC because i was still having a fever and running nose. Darn, i missed like 3 lessons from this particular module. I think i am going to get a warning letter for too many MCs. I guess i got myself to blame! I fall sick too easily.

So i stayed at home and attempted to start on a new LO! Wanted to try out painting after seeing so many wonderful creation on forum. I knew the colour scheme i wanted and it was really messy! I never thought i would actually like the outcome of it but i did! it is about 3/4 done! Just need to journal, add more embellishments etc.

Painted the base blue, sprayed sliver mist to make black base shiny and used this paint splatter method that i used to do when i was in secondary school! Put paint on a comb and use an old toothbrush to go over the comb! Out comes splatters. There were some mistakes here and there but overall, i tried my best!

I am glad to see myself venturing out more now.


Wanted to capture this wonderful moment of Kate picking up the phone. She is one smart girl. She loves it when the phone rings and goes to pick up the phone. And she loves putting the phone in her ear but will not utter a sound. Sometimes my brother will not be able to call in because she is constantly picking it up! We recently bought a fake phone for her but she knows it is fake! She only likes picking it up when it rings. Hahahah. Funny Girl. (:
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