Friday, January 28, 2011


Scrappy week -

In spite of busy days at work, i still managed to find an hour a day to scrap. I must admit, it was really tiring considering that i have to wake up at 6 everyday. But i tried and i scrapped quite a bit. Well, i have finally decided to take out my big stash of AC Enchanted, Love and City Park collections which i have been hoarding since the last CHA.. Yes! I decided to finally use them. And wow, it felt good destashing. I felt like i finally cleared some stash off my room.

Anyway, I did a simple layout on the HK trip again. Just documenting the three of us in HK Disneyland. With all my heart, i really do miss that place. Whenever i scrap about HK, i feel a whole lot better. (: Oh well, that sums up the HK Dec trip.

Smitten over heart shape tags -
I figured that since Vday was coming that i would made some heart shaped tags, capturing some quotes of love. what's that not to love when you get to work with AC's Love collection. I am loving what i did. (:

Ooooh! To get little folded edge around the heart, simply cut a 1 inch strip of paper and tape the sides as you fold the strips. Its pretty simple. Try it! I love how it gives the hearts more texture. (:

Shopping -

Yes, i am heading downtown today to shop with the sister. Last minute rush to find some new clothes for CNY! yes, i have been that busy to go shopping! I bet everyone is in town. Oh help me! Do need to get something no matter what. (:

Have a good saturday! (:

Monday, January 24, 2011


when life gets hard or when you are hit with a rough monday, the first thing i think about is Kate. Nothing beats the thoughts of how much Kate is growing up or how i wish i could be a part of her life more. I am so glad she is my niece and that spending time with her makes me forget the realities of life.

And in just a month from now, i am going to be blessed with another niece. I am blessed with a good family and friends that i know i can count on even when work takes the better of me. Days like these are hard but i know for sure, He holds every tomorrow i have. It can only get better.

Not to forget, the second thing that comes to my mind is thoughts on how nice it will be to sit at home on my scrap table and just scrap to my heart's content. I can only dream but you never know when it might come true.

I hope you are having a better Monday than mine. But in all things, i am blessed and thankful for whatever life hits me with. (:

Monday, January 17, 2011

on a roll

Yet another post on this lovely Monday night! The reason why i have the time to blog is because I have school camp from Wed to Frid so that means no teaching. So yes, i am on a holiday mood already. My brains can officially shut down from Wed to Fri. (:

Yes, a pictorial update. The lovely pictures taken on Saturday at Iris's class. Somehow, my eyes were really swollen that day. I think i found out i had an allergy with calamari. :( Oh Darn but boy are these pictures pretty! (: Got to take pictures with Iris and Pooi!

The best lesson learnt from that day is how much value there is in saving your scraps. She was telling us to save our scraps and not to throw them away. That got me thinking that i should STOP hoarding my stuff and just use them. Do you have this problem? i always buy embellishments and use them sparingly only because i feel that it is such a pity to use them all up. But i was so inspired by Sat's workshop that i decided to scrap a layout, using all 19 rub ons from the latest K&Co line.

And viola! I used these whole pack of rub ons to get this...

Oh! And did i tell you that my newfound love is Tim Holtz's tissue tapes? Can you spot them? Haha. I used to think they were awfully lame when i watched his demostration on youtube but after trying them on Sat, i realised that it creates wonderful textures that you can have on your page. It is so easy to use. I AM IN LOVE! :D

This guy is one genius! I am secretly in love with his products. I have a compartment where i keep my secret stash of tim holtz's goodies. How about you, guys? Is there a particular brand that you are secretly in love with? :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a quicky

Wow, what a weekend i had. I cant believe that tomorrow is Monday and it is back to work. But i had a blast at IrisBaobaouy's workshop on Saturday. It was non stop scrapping for 5 hours and i was aching after we finished. But it was such an honour to finally meet her in person. She was one of the first few scrappers that i admired when i started scrapping. She is on every Design Team that i deemed in my top list and it was awesome to see her teach us. What i got out of the workshop was how intricate she is when it comes to cutting and her layouts are not only beautiful but she has perfect colour combination as well as intricate texture details.

Oh and i got to meet Pooi also! (: Not that its the first time but it was good to finally take a picture with her. (: I will post the pictures up once i uploaded the photos.

Just wanted to share one of the canvas i did before but did not have a chance to put it on the blog. A quick technique tip: Mist your canvas and while it is still wet, grab some tissue paper and start dabbing on the canvas. What is left a beautiful texture on the canvas. I love how this was a great alternative than to use masks or embossing. (:

And this is probably one of the favourites. Love the button in the picture that i bought from HK and the teal ribbon from Arab Street. (: (:


Oh! Time to announce the winner for the mini tags giveaway! The random generator chose JUANNA HOPE! Congrats! Do send me your posting details to I will be sending your giveaway to you. And thank you all for leaving such lovely well wishes ! It was blissful reading those sweet comments. (:

Have a great week ahead.

Monday, January 10, 2011

25th and a giveaway!!!

Today marks a special day in my life. Yes, its the birthday and i have finally reached my mid twenties. Time flies and every year is a reminder of the aging age as well as a year to be ever thankful for. Though its a school day and i had the busiest timetable ever, i am grateful for all the people and things that God has blessed me with. Without them, i would have been a different person!

Highlights of Bday celebration over the weekend:
1) A big surprise from the Secondary school friends. I had to stand up in front of the whole restaurant while they sang the bday song and the whole restaurant cheered for me.
2) the ever generous hong baos from two group of friends and family
3) the suprise school celebration with the colleagues who waited until my lesson ended at 2.15pm to surprise me with an awesome mango cake!


Over the weekend, i managed to finish a layout to sum up the HK Dec trip. Did a multiple of photos and just used the pink paislee sweetness papers. I am in love with the papers! (:

CHA 2011 is coming up soon so lets just waste no time in finishing up our old products so that we can make room for new ones! I am going to control myself this time round. I am glad that there isnt anything that has really caught my eye yet.

And since its my birthday today, i have decided that i am going to do a mini giveaway. What you see below are around 50 tags that are up for grabs. They are mostly tags from brands like College Press, SEI etc.

All you have to do is leave a comment and i will pick a winner this Sunday, 16th Jan at 10 pm!

I am off to celebrate the night with the family! Blessed Monday! :D
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