Monday, January 9, 2012


was a day of destashing and reorganizing... i am so tired just thinking of how much work i have done.

But seriously.. How do you guys store your layouts?

I have to admit that my layouts have grown in layers and they are so hard to store. I literally had to pull out all of them from its original album and stack them up one by one.

Maybe i should just leave this cubicle solely for extra layered layouts. Do share if you guys have any tips? In any case, i outdid myself for the year 2011. These were the number of layouts i scrapped for the year. Looking at all of them makes me uber happy! It means that i have USED my stash well. (:

Okay Happy Monday Ahead! (:


Joanna said...

I have given up on lay outs! hahaha..Too difficult to store! But u rock them so keep going!

Stephanie said...

I have the same problem Jeanette. I don't know how to store my LOs, mostly because I embellish with 3D elements. Let me know if you find a way. Ü
Love your work!

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