Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Tuesday

I have been slacking my life away on this lovely Tuesday. Today is a public holiday and I woke up late, ate my lunch, scrapped, played computer games and is slacking away again. Going to bathe and head out for dinner soon. I wish days could be like these..

Well, here to share a quick layout I did today.. Not so quick actually. Sometimes the simpler layouts take forever to conceptualise. You have a sketch in your head but yet sometimes the easier it is, the harder to put it down onto a layout. Have you ever felt that way? Or maybe it is me, considering how dependant I am on certain colour schemes and embellishments.

Today's layout was all about the journalling. The focus was on the words. I need to do more layouts of these sorts. It is much more meaningful than all the heavy clutter of embellishments.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
The weekends are coming, I promise. (:


Joanna said...

Yes the weekends are coming!! We need to endure and get through! Awesme layout and i see you used the heart doilies! Good job!

little miss said...

wow.. the layout is great!! I hope I can create one just like that :3 Happy Days Ahead :D

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