Monday, July 30, 2012

Has it been that long?

I have neglected this space completely. It has been a good two months where I stopped blogging. Well, the truth is that work has been crazy busy and I just had no energy to blog or to scrap. The scrap table was empty for a good month until there was a need in mid July to use my materials. Over this weekend, i finally completed two layouts that were left uncompleted since before the June Hols. Yes, sometimes when life gets a little crazy, the creative juices die along with it. But hopefully, i can pick up from where i left and start scrapping a little more now.

Sharing some pictures from my Instagram (favourtie app!)

 I had the honour of designing a card kit to be taught by 33 Ps and VPs during some cluster sharing. It all started when I did a small class for the teachers during our staff welfare and this has snowballed since that last class. P loved this idea and hence, I spent close to 2 weeks preparing for the cluster sharing. These two samples were some cards made for the class. (:

Just over the weekend, I spent some good quality time with Mum and K at the Equinox. The food was good and the view was breathtaking. Well, indulgence in ATAS food is all good for the stomach and soul. :D

I will be back to share some of the layouts I completed.
CHA summer 2012 has descended upon us. Good luck to our pockets once again.

Have a great week.

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