Sunday, August 26, 2012

8.5 by 11

Its Week 10 already! I cant believe the last week of Term 3 is finally here. I am really looking forward to having a one week break, catching up on my sleep, scrapbooking and some quality family time. I am going to hang in there since this week would be yet another crazy week.

Here to stop by and share 3 layouts.. Have you ever tried doing a 8.5by11 layout? When i first started scrapbooking, I always thought that layouts should be 12by12. Some scrappers in Singapore have also told me that the 8.5by11 layouts were not a popular concept by Singaporean concepts and thats why the stores do not carry these dimensions' cardstocks. Quite frankly, i love this concept. Why? Whenever I am experiencing with a scrap block, i tend to do these layouts. The area size is obviously smaller and you dont need to crack your creative juices to fill up a page. It seems to be my starting point in getting my layouts done.

If you didnt get what I just said.. its alright. I guess I am just a layout girl. I was never really into making cards or albums but I just love putting a different concept into each layout i do. With albums, i feel the need to be consistent in my pages and sometimes, i struggle to complete an album because of the number of pages. With layouts, it is just easier. It is like starting a new theme/concept each time I do one. It keeps things fresh for me and I see my style shining through.

So here to share some recently completed layouts :

I hope you like what I see. I have been using my old stash up and I am quite happy with the current storage I have on embellishments. I seem to be grabbing more of my old stuff, like the MR alpha chipboards. If you need more inspiration on 8.5by11 layouts, here is to share my current inspiration: Jen Gallacher She is truly a source of inspiration through her life stories and her layouts are done to perfection. I love her style and I love how her layouts are so ever inspiring. Do check her out! :D

Here is to a great week ahead!

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