Saturday, October 22, 2016

MWL | Oct Layout - Snow

Hello all, I am back with another post for Made With Love this month. For the next few months, the MWL designers will be sharing more about themselves and their works. Please visit their blogs to find out more. This week, it is my turn. 

1) Who am I ?
I am a teacher , teaching Geography and Social Studies in a secondary school. I have been doing it for 7 years. I am a civil servant by day and what keeps me sane are the quiet moments I get to scrap during my free periods.

2) What is my creative style ?
I would say soft, clean and streamlined. I like finding a balance in composition and style in the layouts I make. I like my layouts to be pretty and femanine layouts , emphasing on minute details.

3) What inspires me ?

4 What I love about being Singaporean ?
Multiracial. Safe. Food!!!!

5) What do I wish for ?
This sounds like a question that they would ask for all beauty pageants. In the words of the main lead in the movie, Miss Congeniality... ' World Peace!' (Nah! I am kidding)

I wish for good health and happiness. The world is everchanging and change is one thing that is constant. You have the power to be happy. Choose it.

This month, I got to play with the latest Echo Park ' I Love Winter' Collection. Christmas is around the corner and every year around this time, I take the opportunities to scrap some of the past Christmas-related events that have occured ,  to remisnice on the good old memories. Stay tune for more future Christmas layouts on this blog! 

I wanted to document these photos in particular as it was the first time my mum and I got to see snow. It was end winter and we made use of the remaining snow left on the ground to make our first-ever snowmen. It was such great fun! 

This inspired the overall theme of the layout - snow! To begin with, I chose a silver polka dotted patterned paper as my base. I find that having a neutral background is always helpful as it gives more avenues to pile on brighter coloured papers and embellishments. 

A trick that I love to use when it comes to layering embellishments would be to place patterned papers or sticker underneath the particular embellishment. This helps to ground the embellishment more and provides more depth and texture. Take for example the snowman sticker below. By placing a flat sticker behind it provides more continuity, vibrance and volume to the overall layout. Dont be afraid to use your pop dots too as they provide more dimensional-effect !

That's it from me today. Till next time, have a good week ahead!

All products and supplies can be found at Made with Love.

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