Saturday, May 2, 2009

forever in our hearts

I managed to sit down this week to scrap another layout. This was done in between rushing out my assignments and just spending the rest time scrapping it. I love it when i use up pattern papers that i've bought eons ago. It makes me feel that i did not buy them just for hoarding but i am actually using them. (of course, that gives me more reason to buy more)

Close ups :

Most importantly, this was a picture taken way back and it was just left lying there. I love this picture a lot. this is one of those few times where the whole group gets together and takes a picture.

Journaling reads : Only left is a special place for how much you guys mean to me. Our friendship is an unique one, one that others will never understand but only within ourselves do we know how much we mean to each other. To forever!


Yesterday was NSD. The family spent a great deal at MWL trying to win some prizes and get some great discounts. I am really glad that Jie and Lyn are into this. It keeps us close with endless scrapbooking topics to talk about. Mum spent a great deal taking care of Kate outside MWL. Kor was helpful enough to play the challenging games so that we can win great prizes.

It was a tiring yet fufilling day. :D

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