Monday, May 11, 2009

a home for the thickers

I love thickers, dont you? thickers are highly essential in every LO and i simply love collecting them. I dont have a lot for now but i do think i have enough to last me for awhile. I have been wanting to buy a pole stand that i can drill into a wall so that i can hang my thickers ( just like hanging your clothes on the pole). But i realised my scrap area has no wall and secondly, mum hates that i am going to drill something.

So i was thinking yesterday on what could i do for an alternative. Headed down to ikea with my sis and we went in search of poles. We managed to find those that requires you to drill and Jie bought one since she is going to drill into the wall no matter what. LOL. i found a cheap alternative!!! I bought a clothes rack and since my table is tall, it will fit nicely.

Here it is. We bought pecks too. Awwww. I LOVE IT! (:

the best thing about it is that the bottom part of the rack does not stick out from the table but fits into the table! it is hard to explain but it just means that it will no obstruct my way at all.

I am one happy girl now.

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