Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Hello!

Hello all! It has been a long time since i last posted. Wow, school is ending this week. Do i hear all the teachers going HIP HIP HOORAY? I have been so tired recently but i am glad i survived the horrors of exams marking. On the SB side, I have not touched my scrapbooking desk for a long time. 4 weeks of shopping goodies are still waiting for me to unpack. I did however, made an exception and quickly did a scrapbooking frame for Marianne's bday. I am also going to make quick tags for my classes which i taught this year. I will see how it goes. I might just give up since i am only left with 1 more day!

So yes, i am back! Hopefully, i will be itching to start scrapping again. I got far too many new goodies that i want to start on but somehow, the bed always seems more appealing. Haha.

And this one is for you:

Happy 2, Kate! I love you very much. You simply make my day for just being you. I find joy and i see life in its simplest form when you are around. You do make everything beautiful and your smile simply lights up the whole world. Thank you for being you and I thank God that i have the privillege to love you.

1 comment:

Yin said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!! You've got one super sweet lil girl Jeanette!! Hugs!!

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