Friday, November 5, 2010

destashing mode

Edit 6/11/2010: Look at the Tab above! Presenting SB stuff at crazy deals. (: Do check it out and see whether you are interested. Thank you. (:

The scrap table was in such a terrible mess that i got so irritated by how i was going to clean it up. With perseverance, I managed to clear all the unwanted mess. Managed to sort out what i did not want and put it into this white Ikea box. What I am going to do is to sell some of my items as well as do another giveaway. Most of the stuff are brand new so please support. It is going to be a huge giveaway. I am sure it will benefit those that will use it. (:

So watch this space. I will be back to post pictures as well as to show you the latest album i finished. I am back! (:


Joanna said...

Good job with the destashing! It's therapeutic!!

Viola Mahr said...

Hey! happy to find your blog :) hello from a fellow-singaporean and fellow-crafter... hope to see you putting up your projects here soon! Your past LOs are really really pretty. Thank you for sharing. Lookin' forward to a great giveaway too :)


Yin said...

Thanks for your well wishes Jeanette, and I'm doing ok like always.

I know what you mean when our scrap desk get all messy with supplies that sometimes i find myself asking "why on earth did i buy this?"...

You take care, and relax..:)

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