Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet Beth

At 1 and a half months, she is ...
1) really responsive. If I turn my head to the right or left, her eyes follow suit.
2) is smiling occassionally.
3)is fussy. Likes to be carried and changed clean.
4) cries loudly. I dont think kate was as loud as her.
5) can walk and talk!? This is what Kate says when we ask her about Beth.

The very first LO on my 2nd little niece. Adorable and so cute! I am sure there will be more lovely pictures to take of her in the months to come. Babies change so much overtime. We are going to adore her as much as we love Kate.

I tried something different - used a black marker to underline words from the patterened papers that symbolizes how we feel about her. (: Haha. It looks like a piece of English homework but i do like the idea of underlining adjectives or words, that seems to be like a type of journalling.

Have a great Saturday! Time to let loose and scrap!


MamaJ said...

I loved how you underlined the words, it made it so much more personal! :) And walking and talking at 1.5 months, so cute of her sis to say that!

Joanna said...

Good job good job! I thought u used the typewriter dad got for u to type those words!

Kate is a big clown..saying Beth can walk and talk but we all know that girl can be up to her funny antics!

shaggyfish said...

you handle the pps very well, the star still baby beth!!!

shaggyfish said...

and yesh the tapes are like tim holtz tissue tapes, easy to remove if paste wrongly but the texture not as soft and might not (crushed easily to get the texture or not really flexible).but is cheaper. i think tim holtz tapes a bit over.. hahaha

irene moira said...

wow, what a great idea.. i thought it was journaling on the right side ;P sweet LO!

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