Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a new beginning

I have been wanting to post some of my thoughts about GE here but i just havent found the time to do so. On the scrapping side, i have been scrapping less as my exam markings are all in and i have been terribly lazy to scrap anything but i will be back to share some good news soon! Please stay tune..

These past few days have been fruitful. With the 9 days running towards the elections, you could sense that Singaporeans were no longer apathetic as they used to be. Social media has been able to paint a clearer picture from the sides of both opposition and the PAP. Citizens were able to make a more informed choice on who they should vote for. It was my first time voting as a citizen and i treated that maiden opportunity seriously.

So to sum up the whole entire experience, i would like to quote a few lines from the article 'A New Hope' written by the online citizen which ideally highlights how i feel Singapore should move forward to.

"Change is always disconcerting, and often frightening, and sometimes may not pay off. However, we will never know the outcome or reap any rewards that may come if we don’t take the plunge. If Singaporeans have not taken the leap of faith and picked a young and relatively unproven Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his party to chart their future, the Singapore of today would not exist."

So from whatever perspective you are looking at from, change was inevitable. Citizens voted for change and they were willing to lose some good ministers at the expense of it but at the same time, change was needed as they voted in MPs whom they deemed could best serve their needs and to be heard in Parliament.

No matter who we voted for, i think what is more important is that we voted with our hearts and conscience and at the end of the day, you cant deny that we voted based on the one principle - we love Singapore and we want our future to be better.

My two cents worth...

Have a great week ahead !

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Joanna said...

Yeah! We need change! Glad Aljunied residents voted for it! Minister George Yeo and Mdm Lim Hwee Hua will exit about fair weather politicians..Mr Chiam lost for 3 times and he never gave up until he won a seat in 1984 against Mah Bow Tan. That is the kind of spirit we need from our politicians!

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