Sunday, August 28, 2011

All things white

I am sure everyone knows about Studio Calico's white mist. Everyone has been raving about it but i never got my hands on them. Its funny how one product could be sold out in an instance. So i decided to improvise and made my own mists. I bought white paint, put two tiny spoonful of it into my mini mister, mixed with water and viola! out comes spurts of white blots. (:

Well, i am proud of myself for experimenting with these mediums as i am so not a technical person. So from my made-to-do white mists, i made the following stuff..

Notice the white blots? They are as good as your tattered angels mists and much cheaper too! Loving the CP's Random collection and i gesso-ed the sides of the LO to give some textures.

A few weeks ago, Jo and I ordered items from and our stuff finally arrived. I went crazy over their K&Co stuff because the items were so ridiculously cheap. 12by12 pads were going at US$6 dollars and each of their fun packs were priced at around $4. I simply could not resist.. So in the light of that shipment, i made a bday album, marking my 1/4 of a century life.

Notice the white paint? I used the prima's mask and painted over it. Each page is also splattered with white. (:

I hope you guys are having an awesome long break! Lets enjoy it before Wednesday comes. For now, i am happily slacking away, sleeping a lot more and scrapping even harder. (:


MamaJ said...

Using white paint was a great idea! Thanks for sharing... :) Love the album with all its vintagey details... Enjoy the long weekend!

Joanna said...

I am so slack with my scrapping! All my stash is accumulating and collecting dust!! but glad to see u did some good work over the long weekend!

lynklee said...

This album is really lovely. I think you can be celebrity scrapper already.

You should try to get on Prima or Maya Rd or something - think of the free stuff they'll send!

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