Saturday, August 13, 2011

Travel lines

I dont know about you but i am a sucker for travel lines. I love to travel and what better way to document a trip but buying pretty travel papers. When i first heard about Amy Tangerine coming out with her new line, i was apprehensive as her style is so different from mine. But i was so wrong! Have you checked out this line yet? The colour combinations are to die for! I knew i had to grab some before they were sold out.

I finally decided to be less lazy and did an album to document my HK trip in June.

Notice the snowflake flower in the center of the album? I bought this from my very good friend's online scrapbooking store. You should check it out! She is selling such pretty flowers, metal charms/tags and other embellishments for such afforable prices. i was so in love with these flowers that i bought quite a few. (: Check it out HERE!

Snokeflake flower again! Simply couldnt resist it. Layer it with patterned paper and dollies and it really does make your page pop out! :D


Up next, another layout that i completed last week using the OA's BOARDING PASS collection. How can i resist not buying this? Ever since i saw it on their blog, i knew i had to get them, esepcially when they named one of their papers after Hong Kong! Hahahaaha.

So yup, in honour of my love for that place.. I used the papers to document my trip back from 2 years ago to HK/Guangzhou. (:

Dont you love the little monopoly man?

Okay so sorry for this crazy post on travel lines. My mind is still suffering from all the amount of marking/preparation of lessons mode. The next two weeks will be hell crazy since i am down from invigilation.

Have an awesome week ahead!
I know we all cant wait for Week 10 to come! Many more holidays to come. (:

Oh ya! Dont forget my giveaway in the post below!
It is still open until 31st Aug. <3


Joanna said...

Nice album! Is that Marianne's store? Keep scrapping man!

Just rainey said...

The layout is nice.. Somehow they sync really well and have the 'digital' feel..

Is everything here from the same Boarding pass collection?

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