Sunday, October 23, 2011

faux stitching?

Hello! Another two more layouts to show since i have been on the stitching frenzy. The first layout is where i scrapped about the lovely Tai Cheong's Egg Tarts from HK. I have never been a fan of egg tarts but was completely sold when i tried these. They melt in your mouth and the tarts are so darn delicious. You guys should try if you're in Hong Kong.

Look at the stitching done at the side. That took quite a lot of time but i am glad it came out nice. :D

Up next, a little trick to share with you. Notice the difference between this and the earlier layout. From far, the stitches look like they were done by a sewing machine but in actual fact, there was no sewing done. :D

So how did i do it? Simply adhere your shapes onto the paper first. Draw straight lines using your pencil or pen. Use your piercer and pierce through your paper and VIOLA! Faux stitching appears!!

Cool right?

Well, happy scrapping! I am off for a good dinner with the family! :D


lynklee said...

Hey you can enter Cario's scrap challenge with this LO!

SamSam said...

hahaha faux stitching! i really pierce n stitch one let

Haberdashery said...

I had some of those during my Visit in HongKong, they are really good specially while they are still hot. What kind of stitch did you use on the side?

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