Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have you ever?

I am still getting used to the new blogger look. In any case, it is time for another weekly update. I have exactly 2 more weeks to the exams so i am really having there for dear life. This coming week is going to be hell so i am praying that I will get through. My parents are also away so i am left at home, ALONE. Pretty scary to take care of the whole house since it has never happened yet when i used to have siblings who stayed at home. Well, it is time to get used to it whether i like it or not. (:

I have been packing up my scraproom over this weekend, considering that I had a major 'heart attack' after spending so much on Thursday.. I have way too many things and sometimes, you ask yourself whether is there a limit to how much is bought? I started this hobby 4 years ago and i have completely lost track of how much i spent. I dont even want to begin because i know i will be upset knowing the full amount. But with that said, no regrets on starting the hobby.. it is just that I need to stop buying so much.

For now, the motto is to throw, throw, throw. Just threw out 3 bags of scraps and items that i will no longer use and reshuffle my embellishments section. They used to be in one big container but i decided that system was no longer useful since i keep forgetting what i had. And hence...

Now i have a system going on.. One box is devoted to 'new arrivals' stuff while the rest are sorted out depending on whether they are rub ons, chipboards, stickers etc. I am so happy that everything is laid out and I have a clearer idea of where they are now. It is time to sort the layouts in my album later. I am going to pack until I am sastified.

Sharing one layout with you before I go.. I havent had the scrapping mojo in quite awhile but i was pretty sastified with how this layout came out. Very me..

I wasnt very sastfied with the initial background since it was too dull. I went back and forth on what to do and I am glad i decided to spray some SC custard over the studio calico's mask. I love how the colour pops in the background. I feel so happy just looking at this layout. :D

Okay, have a good week ahead and I will promise to back soon!


Sandra said...

Yes this is a gorgeous LO, your choice of colour and placement look really good. Well done.

Joanna said...

oh man! You finally threw out your stuff! very good! See u for dinner tmrw!

Madeylim said...

Yes! I agree, i always think i buy too much. Everything are so pretty and i want to use all of them but i only have a pair of hands. =/ Anyway, good luck in your exams!

lynklee said...

argh don't throw! give to katie and me!

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