Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am finding strength to blog even in the midst of a busy week. My ear has been hurting for the past two days and i do suspect its an infection or some sort. Please pray that I'll get through tmr so that i can go see the doctor. This week has been really overwhelming and i cant seem to finish up all the marking, the setting of papers and lesson preps. 2 more weeks to the exams so I am secretly doing my own countdown.

With that said, the LSS had a recent 40% off products and i went overboard in buying more prima flowers. I cant seem to get enough of flowers and my drawer is so full that I have a pile of excess Prima flowers on my desk. Oops. But i guess that calls for using them up! I have recently started on a mini family album so I hope it will play out fine. I havent made an album in such a long time sometimes, it frustrates me on how long i take to finish it. Haha. I still prefer layouts, dont I?

So here is the first layout for this week...

Using the new FairyBelle collection from Prima and the new flowers that came with the line. This is also for the Prima's April BAP Challenge. (:

Thanks for dropping by! 2 more days to the weekends.


Joanna said...

You're completely nuts over prima flowers! but this is a nice layout!

Juanna Hope Sia said...

you're really good with prima flowers! i love how you're able to cluster many primas and they look so good together! (:

press on at work, i believe you will be able to complete the race (: jia you!

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