Friday, March 15, 2013


I couldnt sleep last night as I was adjusting with the pain where they took out my wisdom tooth. Its been a hard 24 hours, not been able to open my mouth to eat or talk. At least, its over for now. The surgery took longer than expected and due to complications, the tooth broke into 3 and it was excruciating. I have no idea why when they drilled through my tooth or when they tried to take out my tooth, it would hurt. It was bearable pain though. In any case, I am glad the March Hols are here.

It will be a time to recuperate, scrap and get ready for Term 2.

Here sharing with you guys some layouts again!

Firstly, CSI#63 is officially open. For more details, please look at the link here.

I finally got the chance to document something about my creative space. What would that be? My love for washi tapes. If you would have ask me about them a year ago, i would have never come to love them. But somehow, they grew in quantity and I cant help using them for all my projects. This was also a layout that I finally dug into my stash and use up all those goodies from MME. (:

Next up, LPS Colour Challenge #2 is out. Be sure to check out the details here and you will stand a chance to win some awesome goodies.

I love how I focused on documenting my favoutite things about my creative space. This time, it was about my love for mists and what better way to show it then to incooperate mists into this page. I used my favourite mask and using the same technique, i randomly placed patterened papers on the white areas using my 1' circle. I did a pocket and tugged in some elements while letting the photo still be the focal point.

Do join us at both LPS and CSI this week. (:

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Lucia said...

I absolutely love this layout! Love the colors and everything about that! :)

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