Monday, November 25, 2013

Review : Hong Kong 2013

This city never fails to warm my heart, each time I visit it. No doubt, it is my favourite place in the world. Maybe it is hard to believe and some say it is pretty much the same as Singapore but nothing beats the culture, the vibrancy, the food, the shopping and the people.

This time around, it was the second trip with my colleagues. A little different than the first - laughters, enjoyment, tears and above all, friendship. I am glad I saw different sides of my friends, I am glad we worked out our differences and I have come to know them better.

A trip is how you define it. I am glad we made it through, stronger than ever.

Oh ! And did i mention? I came back as a rebel. Got some cool hair extensions and I am planning to keep it until school reopens. Haha. How do you find the new look? 

Have a great week ahead. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I got he same minnie mouse ears, so cute :) :)

Lots of love,
L :)

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