Sunday, November 10, 2013

Video of the Month (November)

Hello everyone! I am back and starting with a new series for this blog. As some of you know, I have started venturing into the world of video editing. It has been tough work, working on camera angles and editing the videos thereafter. It is a work in progress and all of this hard work only means one thing. I do want to show you more than what I normally do and hopefully with videos, it gives you a better idea on my scrapbook process.

So starting from November, I would be bringing you one video per month, on a project that I am working on. Do let me know your honest feedback and if there are good tips for me to improve on, I would love to hear about it too.

It is not perfect, as you can see. But I certainly hope it inspires you today to start being creative and scrapbook away. :D

I will be back with a little bonus video this week. Enjoy for now.
Happy Sunday.


Sam said...

love your process video! you are a fast scrapper!

Leanne said...

just beautiful. the video length is perfect...x

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