Monday, December 28, 2009


So sorry for the lack of updates. If you dont know, i have been buying a lot of scrap stuff that my Dad 'claims i can set up a shop' but yet i have been super duper lazy to do anything. The most recent stuff done was to make notebooks and display items for friends during Christmas day. Unfortunately, i was unable to take pictures of the notebooks because i stayed up till 3.40 am on Christmas eve and i forgot to take the pictures. In any case, the following was inspired by this picture of Kate.

Haha. Kate's picture reminded me of the princess and the frog. Dont ask me why but i ended up finding really cool frames from ikea.

I love it, they are like mini frames which i can put small pictures inside to use them as great gifts for friends. Thanks for looking. Hoping to do one more layout before the birthday arrives. Wanted to mark that '1 year older' journey. (:

School is starting. Will be scrapping less, considering that i have 30 periods this year. Wow..... okay bye. (*:



oooh u got the cool frames from ikea? lovely! I got my canvas frm art friend (range from $3.50 onwards)
Merry xmas to u too... and hows practicum results?

Yin said...

Oh wow to the lovely frames, didn't even notice that Ikea has such sweet frames.

Hey is Kate your lil princess?? She's so sweet!!!

Here's wishing you a fresh start to a wonderful year 2010 Jeanette!!

skyline said...

good job dude! Love the frames..but u must start editing your photos in picasa before u make them into collages..

magnette said...

Yinwen, She is my niece but she is our family's little princess. haha. there are like 9 people looking after her. She is blessed. (:

Leena said...

Love what you did with the frames and they make lovely gifts. :)

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