Saturday, February 27, 2010

i am back!

I AM FINALLY BACK after like a 2 months break! I think i lost my way along this teaching path. I seemed to be marking every single day, even on weekends. i was too tired to scrap and i was lacking in inspiration just by thinking about school. It was funny how i wasnt even motivated to go down to LSS. It felt like i was buying for the sake of buying.

Not to fear, i was still reading the blogs even when i wasnt commenting. It seemed like i forgot how happy i was when i was scrapping. in any case, something sparked last night and Jo was happy enough to go down with me to buy scrap stuff. I think it was the Cosmo's Joyride papers that really made me go GAGA over scrapbooking again! Lame as it is, i am in love with the papers. (:

Came back at 10 pm and immediately scrapped a LO. I am one happy girl now. I am also in the midst of doing up my 2010 organiser that i told myself i would do before the start of this year. Lol! i will share more about it when it is done.

For now : First layout for 2010. Hooray!

Joyride papers fit my Hong Kong pictures taken from last year. This is by far my most favourite country in the world. I am making it a point to go there twice a year. I am so in love with that place. I hope someday, i will be able to stay there for good. :DDDD



i completely understand that feeling... is so tired that u cant lift yr finger to scrap.. but u do miss scrapping.. look u back!!!!
oooh u must try the dabbers paint... is fun fun fun... wont go wrong yah!!
i have abt 15 bottles of dabbers, hahahaha... u want to send me some??? why dont u try first,,,, if u dont like.. can send me yah :)))))
my email is, keep in touch!!!

skyline said...

Good job!! Don't get too caught up with teaching until u lose your life! it's not worth it. I make it a point to scrap every weekend (usually sunday afternoon) and if I can scrap on weekdays, it's a bonus. Hang tough! Hols are upon us!!

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