Monday, March 1, 2010

my 2010

What kind of scrapper are you?

I know, for sure that i am a slow scrapper. I always admire people who can finish a LO within a short time span. I am not like that. I always find it hard to finish a LO quickly. I take my time to find my embellishments and if i am stuck, i leave it on the desk and i will come back to work on it later.

I love to take my time on what i am doing. Perhaps i am slower when it comes to creative ideas and i am always finding through my stash to see what i have. I seemed to be able to remember what i bought recently but as for those 'long long time ago purchases', i dont remember buying them until i see them again.


In any case, i got my 2010 organiser done today. I have been working on it for the past 2 days. I remembered watching my sis and mum wrap my books using plastic sheets. I bought this plain black MUJI organier this year and i wanted to revamp it. What better way then to use the Prima 'Shabby Chic' papers and using the papers, i wrapped and cut it around the book, just like how they wrapped my books with plastic sheets. I was so amazed that it work. It is just harder, thats all.

Loving the new prima products and i love how TA's dazzling diamonds give the book the extra shine, especially when you shine it under the light. :D


Will be off for level camps this week and next week is the last week before Term 1 ends. I am going to be super busy! I will scrap more during March Holidays. :D

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