Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do I?

There is a certain class that I used to teach at the beginning of this year. This was probably the most challenging class i taught, so much so that I spent more time than ever bonding and differentiating my lessons. It was the class that made me cry and made me drag going to class. But yet, i knew that I have won over most of them since they were more willing to learn and willing to listen.

I dont teach this class this semester. Someone took over so that I could teach another Geog class. This class decided to take matters into their own hands, wrote a petition to the P to get me back to teach them. Even after advising them not to do, they still did it. A small part of it makes me happy knowing that they miss my teaching but a larger part of me feels extremely bad for the teacher who is teaching them now. It is not the correct limelight to be under, knowing that the P now knows about it.

And the truth is .. I dont think their petition will work. They cant possibly change the teacher, given the big mess it will create for timetabling. So their only hope is term 4.

However, i am highly encouraged by their eagerness to learn and that is probably why they took the matter into their own hands, given that no one is hearing their cries.

Tell me what should i do?


Joanna said...

Chill...relax...The class will survive and they will pull through. It's not up to you to decide what happens next so leave it to the P to decide. Don't feel bad...students come and go!

shaggyfish said...

i agreed to what Joanna said...but also have to know how is the other teacher that currently teaching the class... (if that teacher is an experienced teacher or other classes never complain abt her) so i think yr students are in good hands and you dont worry, in fact the students must learn to accept that there are different teachers, different styles of teaching, but all the teachers have good heart and want to teach and want the students to learn/experience! But if the teacher that is currently teaching them is someone like dont really care, someone that is not permanent or someone that all other classes/students also dont really like... (you know what i mean, some teachers are just dont care kind)... so perhaps you want to talk to P or discuss with your HOD that you can take back the class next term, next year... give them time to rearrange the timetable... and give them valid reasons to go thru the big mess... im sure things are possible if theres a need to do it!
no matter what, dont take it too hard on yrself and dont promise the students, yah!

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