Thursday, July 8, 2010

Part 2 - LA

I am reminded of how fortunate we are in Singapore, for all the small things we take for granted especially when it comes to safety. Having being to LA for 4 days, it was indeed an eyeopener. Streets became unsafe, trains were filthy and dangerous and the people were not at all friendly. My image of LA had always been good - Sun, Glamour and HOLLYWOOD. But the truth is that this only makes up a small part of LA. A lot of the people there are living in poverty and are jobless.

Taking a train ride from our hotel to Long Beach was truly a frightening experience. A couple of times, people were begging for money. One guy even stood in front of us and started blabbering nonsence. For a moment, i thought he was going to take out a gun and shoot us. The streets werent safe at night and sometimes during the day. During our walks down the streets, we had a black guy trailing us for some distance.

It is hard to imagine that the poor people take the trains and buses while the rich people drive around. I can see why now, finally. it is pretty unsafe if you do but it is unfortunate. I take for granted that in singapore, we have the luxury of clean and good transportation modes and that we are secured and protected. For that, i would rather stay here than LA.

But i wont say LA was entirely bad. We got to see some good parts, it was better than nothing. (:

Will be back for part 3. The SB experience in USA with pictures of newly scrapped projects. (:


kat said...

Hello Nettey!! I haven't been here in a while. Your trip to USA sounds fun, and it's great that you had a good time. I actually rather like the jetlag, haha! And I can't believe you took 3000 photos! How longdid you spend in usa? :)

shaggyfish said...

sounds really scary @ LA! my imagination of LA is like yrs... now u sound like those little places in Italy i been where a lot of pickpocket, gypsy, beggars etc..
oh looking forward for part 3! yay... on SB SB SB!!!

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