Sunday, July 11, 2010



WARNING! Long post ahead....

Onto a topic that is much needed to be shared. (: The first SB store I went to was in Colorado Springs. After much persuasion and approval from the Dad (who was not very happy about me going to MANY SB stores..), we arrived. It was called Simple Pleasures. The size of the store was about the size of our MWL store but it was huge in terms of what they had. I was happily buying my stuff and were so tempted by all the hero arts stamps they had. (: They had a lot of clearance stuff under 5.00 so i bought a few of those 7G stuff from there. The things were rather cheap (def cheaper than Singapore, thats for sure) but found out later that it was more expensive than the other store i visted. Oh ya! I FINALLY GOT MY CROPADILE too! (:

Up next, cheaper SB stuff could be found at WALMART and TARGET! In total, I went to these stores quite often since we needed to get grocery. So whenever they went to buy food, i would drop by the craft session. The pictures above were taken at the first Walmart store we went at Denver. I was so delighted to see the martha steward products and was squealing away. I love WALMART because all their martha steward products were on offer. I got 3 punches in total (US 11 dollars only), a heart punch and a circle cutter. Also, Walmart had a section on ribbons which Was FANTASTIC! I think they are so much nicer than what we have in our local stores. I was happily buying them in rolls at US2 dollars each. (:

Lastly, we went to ARCHIVER, a local LSS in Denver. I love this place the most since it was the biggest store I went. The staff were really friendly also and they were so welcoming to help me get my products. (: I was so happy to find a lot of products that werent in Singapore yet and also products that i resisted buying in Singapore because of the expensive prices. They were so much cheaper than the Simple Pleasures.

Also, I finally got this (below) from the store. As i was paying, I noticed the number of magazines they had behind the stores and asked if they had this. They were so kind to help me find and when they did, my face simply lifted up. (: Yes, she is the current favourite designer of me. I think a lot of it came from liking her Dear Lizzy line. (:

Finally, the loot that went straight into the bags so that I could bring home and start scrapping - things we bought online and things I bought at the stores. (: I have been using them faithfully and I am proud that i have resisted the LSS stores. (:

If there is one thing I learnt, I realised that SB stores in Singapore are over priced. I know its a business and they are just doing what is right, so I dont blame them. i used to think that everything at the LSS was priced reasonably until i went overseas. It made me learnt a valuable lesson of watching even more closely on what I buy. (: So yes, that is what i am learning to use whatever I have right now and resisting every inch to buy the new products. I got to choose what I want and not what is NEW and TRENDY! (: So YES to the next DEAR LIZZY LINE and MAYBE to the rest.

Have a good week ahead.


skyline said...

yes! The LSS here is way too expensive..let us have more control on what we choose to buy!

shaggyfish said...

hahahaha, the only way is not goin in to the LSS... i guess theres no way not to buy ... keke
dont see the manufacturer's blog tooooo...
and soooo happy to see u get so good deal of stuff over at us.. now is time to scrap and scrap

Anonymous said...

Sorry, whats lss?

Sandy Ang said...

I understand how you feel about how expansive this addictive hobby can be. Holidaying (and shopping) in the right spots is an innovative way to defray scrapbook supply costs!

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