Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday blues

I seemed to be posting whenever i am feeling down. I do hate Mondays and school so badly. I have no idea why i have been feeling this way lately. So insecured and life feels meaningless because of what this job entails. I just wish that there was much more to look forward to. Weekends are short and weekdays are excruciating. I need to find back the old motivation i had last year.

In any case, 2 more weeks to March holidays right?

Here to chase away the Monday blues with a mini album i made using Prima Botanical collection. I am loving what i did. Strictly journal based, so that i can pen down thoughts on the new addition to our family, Beth. I made tag slots with motivational phrases or to stick polaroids to mark this new milestone. I am so proud of how i made the slots. Some slots are hidden behind the bow and all of which are filled with botanical flocked rub ons (current favourite) and prima lollipop flowers. I LOVE IT! :D

Front cover - i am loving all the Prima's metal charms which I thankfully bought a lot for more usage

the rest of the pages ...

Well, i am hoping you had a better Monday than I did. I will leave you with what i have been praying each morning as i survive the day ahead...

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.


Anonymous said...

oh.. I hope you will feel less blue soon, Nette. God is able! able to do everything we ask or think. Don't try on your own but "in all your ways acknowledge Him" ... the very best thing to do.


shaggyfish said...

you are on the roll with all those minis! and primas... hahaha
i think this year 2011.. everybody is sooo busy! two quotes here choose
life is like a straw.. it sucks
life is like riding a bike.. to keep balance.. we just keep riding and moving!!!

self motivation is important and im sure you can do it! pray for more strength!!!
take care

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