Monday, February 7, 2011

All things Prima

It was a good CNY break and i cant believe that the celebrations are over. There isnt much to look forward too but i guess its 4 more weeks till the march holidays. (: I was sick today, was down with food poisoning and i didnt make it to school. It is a horrible feeling waking up at 3am in the morning and finding yourself puking in the toilet bowl. Yucks but thank God i feel a whole lot better now.

I am running a slight fever so i am hoping that it will go away tomorrow. In any case, i did managed to finish up a layout during the long break. i was doing bits and pieces of the layout each night, considering how tired i was from the endless visitations. But yes! I have cleared half my prima flowers lot from this layout as well as one more that i have just started doing.

Here it is - Just 4.

I have been struggling to use my Jack and Jill papers for the longest time considering how much i love that line, Omg! Okay, but it was time to use them as the next line of Jack and Jill will be in our stores soon. Motivation to buy more prima flowers, i guess. <3

And since i have been using these flowers up, i do have some spare ones that i would like to giveaway to one person!

I've included in a new pack of prima flowers, some spare big and small prima flowers, some webster flowers and some tiny daiso flowers. (: See those two butterflies there! They are included in too! Those are my current favourite and i am so glad i found them. (:

All you have to do is leave a comment and i will pick a winner on 14th feb, Valentine Day at 10pm!

Have a good week ahead. (:


yoki said...

Hi Jeanette,
Lovely layout, with sweeeet colour. All the details in your layout work so well together. Last but not least Happy Bunny Year to you.

Juanna Hope said...

happy chinese new yr! (: i love your very sweet layout! and also this is an an awesome giveaway! love all things prima (:

Vio said...

and... you know I love flowers! :)

Your LO is beautiful. friends are the best, aren't they?

Lyndis said...

a lot of prima on that layout! v nice. thanks for coming over tonight!

MamaJ said...

Its a lovely layout! :) Just dropping by to wish you a happy CNY, hope you are feeling better! No need to include me in the giveaway, let the rest have a chance! ;)

jessiestars said...

Jack & Jill collections are always so pretty!! Love your LO!!


gerryhen said...

I love the way you play with colours for yr layout. So pretty and sweet. Nice flowers too! Well done!

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