Saturday, February 12, 2011

remember when...

it was 2 years and many months ago, when kate was born. So here we are at this new chapter when the sister in law's baby no.2 is coming out anytime from now. We are praying that everything will go smoothly and a healthy baby beth will be delivered. We are going to rush down to the hospital later. (:

So here i am, trying to rush to complete my marking and to upload my lessons for the upcoming E learning day. I thought i would stop by to blog about what happened today. Its been a long time since i queued outside at our LSS, promptly waiting for the doors to open at 11am. What you may ask? Yes, I was waiting to get all the Jack and Jill CHA 2011 papers as well as their flowers and stamps. I did go totally crazy with the spending and ended up bursting my budget for the week. Quite frankly, i wish the lines werent that nice so that i didnt have to look like one crazy lunatic grabbing things one after another.

An uncontrollable moment.

What i am trying to say is that i do hope this incident doesnt happen again. i hate to think that i am a hoarder, buying lots of products but never using them. The truth is that i have learnt over these 2 years that there will always be new products coming out for each CHA so it is vital that i buy and use them. There is clearly no point in hoarding.We must start as scrapbookers, to let go of the thinking that "its pretty and i dont want to lose using it." (:

Okay enough rambling...
Here to share another layout on the Jack and Jill old series.
Title: 25 & its all about perspective.

Yes, a birthday layout to celebrate another year. Have a great weekend. I am heading off to the hospital. :D

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shaggyfish said...

hahaha.. burst your budget over primas!! yesh, you are right no point hoarding and saying they're pretty... just scrap, totally agree...
you go girl!
baby beth is adorable :)

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