Saturday, October 12, 2013

Almost there

School is winding down and the holidays are finally coming. In exactly one month, I would be flying off to Hong Kong and I simply cant wait to get there again. This is the part that I love most about year ends. School activities get lesser, the kids leave for their early holidays and I get to spend time to preparing for next year. Work life gets a whole lot better and I can find myself immersing in other hobbies. Hooray to that!

How's your Sunday so far? For me, it has been great thus far. Catching up on my television series, shopping in town and to finally, sit down on my scrap desk and enjoy good quality scrapbooking time. Stay tune as I will be doing a giveaway on my blog soon. Cant wait to roll it out on my blog...

Sharing a layout that I did two weeks ago..

I love these photos that I took of B and K at the new MWL store. I am sure some of these photos look rather familiar. They have lotsa of fun there and I cant wait to bring them back again. Dont you love the CP's Close Knit collection? It is by far, one of my favourite lines from them. The warm and soft colours are a perfect match to anything related to family. I couldnt bear to use them at first, but now I simply cant stop. Haha. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! 

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