Friday, November 6, 2009


I mean, after reading P's blog : i have come to realise that i struggle with alot of those scrapbooking issues she mentioned. I guess it is human characteristics that desires to seek for acknowledgment and encouragement which impedes true reasons on why you scrap. You fail to see that everyone is subjected to their own views and in a scrapping world, it really boils down to whether you like the LOs or not. Everything is subjective.

So why bother then?

I mean, i am still grappling with issues like these truthfully. There is no point denying that i am one that does not care or get affected. I do. I guess I need to learn how to think outside of these issues. Why bother when the most important thing is that you're happy? I know i am happy when i scrap, i know i am when i'm at the shops, i know i am when i buy stuff that i love, i know i am when i relook at all the LOs that are recording memories from the past.. These are more tangible things that stay.

Okay enough about that emo talk.


Took a really long time to complete this LO. Put circles in the background and then glimmer mist it with brown mist. Love love the effect. Took time to piece the crystals on the PRIMA paper as well as adding stickles on the words. I always love putting interesting corners because i am so into those. Love that the journaling was done as a tag. I think the best part that made me happy was the OA birds rub ons.

Till then, have a good weekend. (:

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