Sunday, November 1, 2009

paint attempt

So i did not go to school today! Doc gave another 1 day MC because i was still having a fever and running nose. Darn, i missed like 3 lessons from this particular module. I think i am going to get a warning letter for too many MCs. I guess i got myself to blame! I fall sick too easily.

So i stayed at home and attempted to start on a new LO! Wanted to try out painting after seeing so many wonderful creation on forum. I knew the colour scheme i wanted and it was really messy! I never thought i would actually like the outcome of it but i did! it is about 3/4 done! Just need to journal, add more embellishments etc.

Painted the base blue, sprayed sliver mist to make black base shiny and used this paint splatter method that i used to do when i was in secondary school! Put paint on a comb and use an old toothbrush to go over the comb! Out comes splatters. There were some mistakes here and there but overall, i tried my best!

I am glad to see myself venturing out more now.


Wanted to capture this wonderful moment of Kate picking up the phone. She is one smart girl. She loves it when the phone rings and goes to pick up the phone. And she loves putting the phone in her ear but will not utter a sound. Sometimes my brother will not be able to call in because she is constantly picking it up! We recently bought a fake phone for her but she knows it is fake! She only likes picking it up when it rings. Hahahah. Funny Girl. (:

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