Wednesday, November 18, 2009

much more

Warning! This is going to be a rather long post! Really cold day today, dont you think? Managed to finish the album and i am so proud of myself because of the amount of effort put in. Okay, so as i said before. I used the farm fresh papers and decided to do the album based on the Old Macdonald's Song. I am sure everyone should know it.

The purpose was to create a song book based on that song because kate is at this age right now, who simply loves reading books. She is such a bookworm. She likes to pester us to read her books and she can sit down for ages looking at the pictures and flipping the books. She is also extremely brilliant in pointing out the different animals in books. So this was purely inspired by Kate's Books to create a similar song book for her.

Did i mention, that she absolutely loves taking out 'hidden pages' from the story books to see what is inside? So that was what i tried to do. Using the 7 gypsies cards and overlaying it with farm fresh papers, added a brad so that it would be easier for her to pull out the hidden page. Inside consists of the 2nd part of the song. So as you can see, i stamped every single letter to the song and i nearly died. But i got to admit that it was a rather enjoyable process.

I just love that i did something educational with Scrapbooking.


Managed to sit down and clear my scrap desk. it is always in a mess. Bought more storage facilities and packed them all nicely. I am going to get a new scraptable soon with drawers. I am so excited. My table is practically bending. It must be from all the weight. HAHA. (: Some pictures:

Basket for Thickers and Unaltered albums
Holy Moly! Look at how much pearls i have. This is an absolutely YES YES!
Ribbons section: I like to keep this section messy. Seems easier to find stuff.
Embellishments section: Sorted out all by size.
Punches, Adhesives, extra replenishment. (:

Overall room : Its so much tidier now. :D


One more thing before i end. Did i tell you how much i love the TPC brads? I was so thankful when i saw it on the shelf yesterday. I tried to find high and low for them but the store said it was sold out. I was so shocked to see it on the shelf yesterday. Yipee. :D


skyline said...

Woah! We help u stamp the Song leh..and your pics are so small. Can't really see the album properly. Bigger pix please! But good work!

magnette said...

Lol Dude! Stop reading my blog. You are a stalker! Haha. You only helped me stamp like three liners! I practically stamped the whole song. Okay, give you some credit. Thanks thanks. :D

Absolut said...

Give Lyndis soms credit too. She helped u leh! You're also stalking my blog woah!


love the clean layout of yr blog! i used to be not able to leave any comments or maybe i'm just blur.. haha
anyway good that u getting a scrap table, i have to scrap on my dining table, haha! and theres seem to be quite a bit of stuff there! love how u organise stuff!

Yin said...

I love that Ikea cube shelf you've got. I wish i had that big of a space, but certainly would love to get this shelving in due time.

Boy, you are very neat, and you'll most likely faint when you see my stuff!!

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