Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where did the weekends go?

Its Sunday again! Cant believe how fast the weekend ends and I am so not looking forward to Mondays! Mondays end fast only because it is my heaviest day of the week. I hate rushing in between from one class to another. There isnt really anytime to take a breather!

In any case, I managed to go to the lss on thursday and saturday and I spent a whole lot! I am pretty much into mists and inks right now. It is this stupid craze that i am going through. I bought 3 more TA mists thinking that i would have some space to put them when i went back and guess what? NO MORE SPACE! Darn it. Okay, after some rearrangements, i managed to put them in a nice place. Guess how many mist bottles i have? 16!!!! Holy moly! i bet some of ur have more than that. *guilty guilty.

Anyway, enough talking! i pretty much did some projects related to TA mists. I will slowly post them on the blog. For now, i managed to complete a LO this weekend, using the new pink paislee papers and some new mists i bought (tiger lily and tattered leather)

I distressed a whole lot in this LO - wanted to bring out the edges more clearly and misted the mists on both sides. Love how the orange mists stand out. (: If you look carefully, you know who are in the picture! This is probably a secret that only a few know! I have been like their greatest fan when i was still schooling! Even though i am not as crazy as before, they are still by far my favourites! I make it a point to go for their concerts whenever they come back. (:

Wanted to document this wonderful memory when they were here in Feb'10.

Can you guess who they are?

Till then, have a good week ahead. (:


skyline said...

Backstreet boys! Do i get a prize for that?? :)

16 mists..and counting of which u made me buy from you! The brown one!!!

Monday's over..big's to the rest of the week..OA here we come!

Yin said...

Thanks for all that constant love Jeanette at my blog, and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only having 20 over bottles of TA's glimmer mist!! Never new from the very 1st bottle i bought , would result in me loving it so much.

Have a great week ahead gal, and hope to get the chance to bump into you again someday!!

Anonymous said...

hullo! i love how you did your mist-y layout! love the background paper too! what brand is it from? serene

magnette said...

Thanks pooi and yin! (:

Hi Serene, the brand of the papers are Pink Paislee. The background paper is from OA. The original colour of that was white and green words but misted to get a more vintage look. (:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info! :) serene

Wendy Kwok said...

This is beautiful! I love the misted background and the entire composition!

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